Seven In Ten Brits Feel It’s Acceptable To Use Vouchers On A Date‏

Seven in ten Brits feel it’s now acceptable to use a voucher on a date, new research reveals.

apple-1293077_960_720A study into the saving habits of 2,000 people revealed less than thirty per cent feel uncomfortable using a voucher to wine and dine a potential partner.

The results suggest that that stigma of saving is disappearing, with the average thrifty Brit saving £106 a year capitalising on promotions, vouchers and offers. And eight in ten unashamedly admit they go to great lengths to hunt for a bargain. The research, which was commissioned by also unveiled Britain’s biggest voucher princess, Alexandra Blyth Sharman-Cox, an insurance worker from Essex.

Alex said: “Everyone who knows me knows I love a bargain. I can’t resist a discount. I got married to my partner last year and vouchers were a big help when it came to lowering the cost. The savings we made must have come to almost £1,000.

“My own savings come mainly from lifestyle vouchers. I’m a self-confessed online-shopaholic and can’t resist a Ted Baker garment or Oasis must have. Finding a great bargain is like a little victory, but over the years those little victories can turn into substantial savings.”

But not everyone is quite as in control of their finances – when quizzed on their savings and current money situation one in ten had no idea how much money they actually had saved and where. And while the average Brit will manage to accumulate almost £3,000 in savings each year, 30 per cent don’t save any money at all.

restaurant-690975_960_720Retail therapy is the first area to see cuts when savings need to be made in 1 in 2 of households, followed by cuts to pricey nights out and holidays away.

Alex said: “My husband and I bought our flat about 2 years ago and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed decking it out. I’m a proud home-owner but home improvements can be costly. I’d shop every day if I could and most days on my lunch I have some sort of online shopping site open on my browser. I would also go online to voucher sites to find a voucher before I shop. If I’ve seen a garment, I’d rarely buy it without looking for a voucher.”

Alex isn’t the only one taking greater advantage of vouchers and deals. The study also revealed that 68% believe they have used vouchers, deals and promotions more frequently in the last 5 years. The study revealed that the most popular time to use a voucher is during a meal out (62%).

Eighty four per cent have taken advantage of a voucher when shopping online, while a quarter regularly goes out shopping specifically to hunt for the best deals. Eighty seven per cent would be happy to use a voucher while out with workmates, while 59% can’t think of a situation where they would feel uncomfortable taking advantage of a deal.

coins-1015125_960_720Alex continued: “At work they call me the voucher princess, as I’m forever sharing my voucher findings with them. It’d make me sick if I spent over the odds when I could have saved. It’s about being smart and shopping around, making your money go that extra mile. No one can resist a discount and if you can save money where you would be spending, it just makes sense.”

Chris Reilly from, who commissioned the research, said: “It’s great to see that getting your voucher on during a date isn’t a total mood-kill for us Brits. It’s clear from the research that most of us love a good deal where we can find one, so it’s a good thing that being a bit thrifty here and there doesn’t dull the romance.”

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