I Sea Chocolate‏! Check Out This Amazing Healthy Seaweed Chocolate Recipe

Seaweed actually isn’t a plant but an algae which has existed for over 500 million years and is full of nutrients, high in antioxidants and minerals and low in calories with just 38 calories per 100g cooked. It’s also organic, vegan, sustainable and gluten free.

ImageProxy (1)I Sea Chocolate Recipe


100g 73% Chocolate, 20g I sea pasta, 1tbsp walnut oil, baking paper. (Makes about 20 pieces)

Fry the dried I sea pasta in a dry pan. Take the pan off the heat. Chop the I sea pasta. Melt the chocolate au bain marie. When melted add a little of the fried I sea pasta. Pour a spoon full of chocolate gently on the baking paper. Repeat until the chocolate is finished. Sprinkle I sea pasta on top. Leave it for 1 hour in room temperature. Finish it with a little walnut oil.

ImageProxy (2)Seamore only harvest 15% at a time, meaning it will grow back and is truly sustainable. Our population is set to soar to over 9 billion people by 2050 and there simply isn’t enough land to harvest all of our produce.

Seaweed isn’t just the answer to a suitable world, it’s a solution that will help climate change as it doesn’t need fertilizers and gets its water direct from the sea.

Seamore ‘I Sea Pasta’ is harvested off the coast of Ireland, dried and packaged ready for consumption.

Seamore ‘I Sea Pasta’ costs £5.49 for 100g at Whole Foods Market.

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