Schools Out For Summer – Super Six Go Superfast

This week marks the start of the summer solstice, and as pupils across Northern Ireland count down the days until ‘schools out for summer’, parents on the other hand are wondering how to keep their children entertained.

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A family of quintuplets and their older brother from Dungannon are among 250,000 homes and businesses in Northern Ireland to take action this summer and connect to superfast fibre broadband to enjoy the benefits of having access to high speed internet – a must for when you have six teenagers all living under one roof.

Pictured is Niall Loughran (16) and quintuplets Caitlin, Alanna, Aine, Aaron and Conan (13), from Cabragh who are now connected to a service, which allows them to receive download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps – the equivalent of downloading a feature length HD movie in approximately two minutes.

Commenting on the benefits that fibre broadband has brought to his family, Noel Loughran said: “As I am sure is the case for most families in Northern Ireland, having access to broadband is a necessity for both my children and I. There are eight of us all under one roof – six of whom are teenagers who want to use devices such as phones, TVs, tablets and game consoles, all at the same time, so a fast and reliable service is essential.

“When it comes to the school summer holidays, eight weeks is a long time for keeping the children occupied so having superfast fibre broadband will help to make life easier, leaving everyone in our house free to do what they want online, all at once. We’ve already noticed a difference as I can watch my favourite shows in better quality, whilst they download music tracks in seconds or finish work or school projects in record time.”

Frank McManus, head of wholesale sales and services at BT said: “It is our mission to make life easier for families, homeowners and businesses in Northern Ireland, as having access to broadband is essential and plays a vital role in all of our daily lives. As Mr Loughran’s comments show, fibre broadband really does make life easier and there are huge benefits to be gained by signing up for superfast, particularly now that the school holidays are approaching.”

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With superfast fibre broadband speeds* you can:

1. Upload a 10MB email attachment in 4 seconds compared with 1 minute 20 seconds with standard broadband

2. Download 10 songs (5MB per file) in 8 seconds, compared with 54 seconds

3. Upload one large file (2GB) to the cloud in 14 minutes 2 seconds, compared with 4 hours 26 minutes with standard broadband

4. Download your favourite TV show in 1 minute 2 seconds, compared with 7 minutes 19 seconds.

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