From Doorman To Life Coach, Belfast Man Richard D Martin Reveals His Journey

Richard D Martin - Spiritual Life Coaching NI

A BELFAST man who worked 14 years in the door security industry gave it all up to become a life coach.

Richard D Martin - Spiritual Life Coaching NIAnd Richard Martin, 40, from Belfast has revealed it was learning to become less shy and more confident at the door of the city’s nightclubs and hotels that eventually led him to pursuing his dream to help others.

For eight of his 14 years Richard manned the door at the prestigious Europa Hotel where he met tourists, celebrities and the rich.

Now, he’s attending health, wellbeing and spiritual events across the country in his new career as a life coach and spiritual guide.

This weekend (July 16 & 17, 2016) Richard will be one of a number of exhibitors at the SOMA Music Festival Body & Soul area in Castlewellan.

Previously a shy man who says he lacked “self esteem” had been plunged into a world where he had to learn effective communication skills to keep his job.

Eventually it changed his life.

Richard explained: “I was a joyful and energetic child but as I got older I noticed a lack of enthusiasm and a doom and gloom pessimism had harboured.

“I would have experienced a low mood, helplessness and a sense of low self esteem.

“I remember strangers walking by on the street and commenting ‘cheer up mate it might never happen’ this was a regular occurrence.

“I was shy, I did not believe in myself and lacked a vision for my future. Pessimism lingered in the back ground.

“As a result of this I always liked reading self books as they brought me hope that I’d grow from being shy, having low confidence and self esteem and even mild forms of depression.

“The stories in the books inspired me to become more hopeful in that I can believe in myself and make a difference in the direction I want my life, relationships and career to go.

“The real change started when I actually did the exercises recommended by an author from goal setting, thinking differently, to feeling good about myself and discovering a way forward.

“Some books come with a relaxing or inspirational cd which I would have listened to over and over again, even now I have my earphones in and I am always listening to a personal or spiritual development audio course.”

Richard D Martin - Spiritual Life Coaching NI

Taking work in the door industry was hard for Richard because although his stature and affable nature made him perfect for it, he found it difficult at times.

He explained: “I ended up working as a doorman because it paid better than any of my previous jobs, plus having a large body frame complimented my decision. The environment was lively and exciting, I think I enjoyed the buzz also.

“In the beginning I doubted myself and my ability to do the job, I’ve made lots of mistakes and almost quit countless times.

“But working on the door around Belfast helped me to become more confident.  I had to become an effective communicator.

“I asked questions of more experienced doormen and learnt from mistakes to having to become creative in my approaches towards leading to persuading a peaceful resolution.

“My confidence grew during each shift which then spilled over into my life as I experienced a deeper sense of daily self confidence.”

During his time as a doorman at the Europa Hotel Richard made the decision to begin pursuing life coaching.  Still working as a doorman in 2003 he began learning his trade.

“I really enjoyed working at The Europa Hotel.  I was there when they hosted the MTV Music Awards which I worked and loved as it took the mundane out of a night at work.

“While working as a doorman I decided to put the tools and techniques into practice

“I’d heard of NLP (science of personal achievement) and I went and trained in NLP and life coaching which I used on myself to believe in myself more and become more confident and charismatic.

“Having taking a speed reading course I read around 1200 books on self improvement, which also helped. Over the years I cultivated a professional attitude in my role as a doorman and discovered that I had developed a toolbox for helping others in a useful and effective way. The life coaching became my dream that I wanted to turn into reality.

“This meant I had to leave the Europa Hotel which was a low point as the Europa Team were truly professional and excellent co-workers as I’d made some great friendships with staff members.”

Richard D Martin - Spiritual Life Coaching NI

In 2012 Richard left the Europa and became a full time Life Coach specialising in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Spirituality.

And he’s never looked back.

He said: “I always wanted to help people and when I researched the helping industry Life Coaching was the most appealing.

“I’ve researched, learnt and trained with Self Improvement Leaders and life coaches from different parts of the world.

“When I made the decision to become a Life Coach and it has become one of the most empowering decisions I’ve made in my life.

“The big difference now is obviously not having to work into the early hours of the morning. I appreciate my time working as a doorman but I also appreciate getting to bed early too.

“After work now I feel deeply grateful and at peace with myself for being of service as a life coach.

“In order to become a life coach I experienced counselling sessions which were effective for me.

“I’ve experienced counselling from a diverse range of specialised counsellors and every one made a significant difference.

“Now I work with people to help them lift depression, feel good within themselves, create a way forward for their lives, build confidence, raise self-esteem, connect and believe in themselves and heal from the past so they can begin to look back with forgiveness, clear fears and phobias.

“I teach life management and self healing tools. The testimonial page on my website is the best resource for what I offer.

“The most rewarding part of it all is to see the change in people’s attitude and how they feel towards themselves with the hope and a better vision for their future for themselves and their lives.

“The importance for me is that I just coach, encourage and inspire, each person I help learns that they have the courage and brevity already within them, they are the ones going through the transformation and as they’re confidence and self esteem grows they discover within themselves that they have the magic within them to move forwards.”

For more information log on to or contact Richard on, 07851 907 007.


Richard is one of a number of exhibitors who will be attending the TONIC Health & Wellness organised SOMA Body & Soul area as part of the main SOMA Music Festival on July 16 and 17.

The SOMA Body & Soul area is unique event offering the perfect opportunity for people and families to try something new, with activities including The Sound Healing Spa, and Meditation to therapies such as Indian Head Massage, Meditation and Mindfulness, Aromatherapy, Baby Massage, Bowen Therapy and Reflexology.

As well as exhibitors, workshops and talks, taster sessions for complementary therapies and full treatments will be available from the information stands, as well as some fabulous natural products. Also available this Body & Soul weekend will be Angel and Tarot Card Readings, Palmistry and Astrology readings, with practitioners also selling cards, books and crystals.

Admission to the SOMA Body & Soul area is FREE. Exhibitors and Practitioners will charge for their services, prices vary.

For full programme information log onto, or follow TONIC Health & Wellness on Twitter @TONIC_Wellness or Facebook –

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