Samuel L. Jackson Features In Jahmene Douglas’ New Video

“Is This The Time?” is the new single from Jahmene Douglas out tomorrow (Friday 22nd). The video features a narration from Samuel L.Jackson.

Jahmene-Douglas-572011“Is This The Time?” is the lead track from his second album “U.P” which is out later in the year. The track showcases Jahmene’s incredible vocal skills and has an haunting intro inspired by the futuristic opera singer in the film Fifth Element. It is the perfect track which fuses R&B, Soul and Gospel.

Jahmene said: “Is This The Time? is my anthem of encouragement. That spiritual journey towards finding what is right for you. It’s been a long hard fight to arrive where I am today; this song for me captures that fight with trying to come to terms with realising that sometimes you have to face that journey alone with God.

“Is this the time to finally get whats yours? Are you ready? Are you prepared? Some people just aren’t ready to face that journey alone so I hope that this song encourages those people to keep pushing through to your time. This is the season for getting that blessing, understanding it and living with it. To use it and to encourage, inspire those around. It will be a battle, but victory is yours for the taking ” .

Is This The Time? … Yes!

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