Review: Holos Skincare From Nature Range

Holos is a luxurious plant-based aromatherapy skincare range founded by Natural Health practitioner Niamh Hogan that is designed to give you healthy, vibrant skin and help you feel great.

facecreamHolos skincare is lovingly hand-crafted in Ireland and covers all skincare needs from body oils to cleansing creams containing vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids to maintain a youthful glow.

Considering your skin is your body’s largest organ, nourishing your skin with quality products is just as important as taking vitamins, drinking water and eating healthy foods.

I suffer with extremely sensitive skin and eczema so I’m always dubious about trying new products because usually a change is followed by a huge breakout. However I can honestly say after trying three products from the Holos range my skin has been feeling so revitalised – The Anti-Ageing Facial Oil €22.20, Blossoms Light Exfoliating Skin Polish €20.80 and Good Morning body Oil €15.40. No redness, no extra blemishes, no itiching, no dryness.

Finally, a beautiful smelling skincare range that anyone with sensitive skin can use! I have completely fallen in love with Holos Skincare from nature as they only use the finest products. I am a firm believer that quality ingredients in your skin care products will help to build resilience and promote healthy skin, while poor ingredients can dry your skin out, cause breakouts, and lead to long-term damage.

blossomsWhile some popular products may have designer packaging and celebrity endorsements, it doesn’t mean that the ingredients are of any quality. Take time to consider the ingredients that are in the products you are applying to your skin; your skin will benefit both short and long term.

The Anti-Ageing Facial Oil is packed full of goodness like essential oils of Rose (helps with broken capillaries), Palmerose, Benzoin and Frankincense, combined with Argan oil to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by restoring the skin lipid layer. It also includes vitamin E, which is excellent for protecting the skin from premature ageing.

I have been using this oil both morning and night as part of routine after cleansing and before my moisturiser. A little goes a long way, so you only need a few drops to massage into the skin and the little dropper is perfect for controlling how much oil you need. This product can also be mixed in with moisturisers, cleansers and face masks. Oh, and I also experimented by mixing one little drop with my foundation and the results where incredible – it allowed my foundation to apply evenly and created a dewy finish.

This multi-use oil leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished. If you are to purchase anything from the range this should be it! Unsurprisingly, Holos Skincare from Nature has also won 1st runner up for best facial oil.

I also tried out a little Blossoms Light Exfoliating Skin Polish containing essential oils soothing dryness. Exfoliation is considered one of the most important techniques that you can perform on your skin to resolve certain skin problems as well as to achieve healthy and glowing skin. I tend to use a face scrub 2-3 times a week.

Using this face scrub has helped remove dead skin cells and reveal bright, radiant skin. This exfoliate is actually quite creamy, although it is efficient it isn’t actually harsh on the skin. I like to apply a small amount onto damp skin and leave for a few minutes, before polishing off with a warm washcloth.

Blossoms Light Exfoliating Skin Polish smells incredible and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin, however you do not need to exfoliate your face everyday as it may be counterproductive and may damage your skin. The active ingredients in this are Neroli, YlangYlang and Jasmine, all bound in a creamy coconut oil.

oiloneI absolutely love these products and cannot recommend them enough. They are perfect for anyone who suffers from dry, sensitive skin as they contain no irritants or nasty parabens, are ethically produced and not tested on animals. I will certainly be replacing the facial oil once I run out.

Their products are excellent value BUT if you sign up for their news and updates you will get a 15% discount code for your next 2 orders. Holos Skincare from Nature also sell samples of more less all of their products, prices of samples range from €1.50–€3.70 so you do not have to commit yourself to any full sized products without testing them first.

Although they are based in Ireland, they do ship to the UK also and currently have a Free Delivery Special Offer for Ireland Customers when you spend €60 or more. UK Customers can benefit from free delivery when you spend €100 or more.

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