ILOILOH Ideas Factory Brings Your Creations To Life!

When it comes to combining inspiration with real creative prospects, ILOILOH is a website worth investing in. An idea community that allows you to create unique product design concepts with a view to turning them into actual products, this innovative creativity factory is the perfect platform from which to turn your dreams into reality.

12717908_1775760065991487_4189024699265589417_nSo how does it work? It all starts with an idea. From home furnishings and quirky gadgets to kids toys and fashion pieces, all you need to do is use an inspirational mixture of images and descriptions to express a final product idea.

This experiential platform not only allows you to exhibit your individual creativity to a large audience, it gives you the opportunity to influence the world of creative products. Who knows, your idea could be the next big hit!

The best thing about ILOILOH is it’s FREE! After your concept has been accepted and uploaded to the Idea Page, where all site users can like, share and comment on it, your creation will be matched to a collaborating manufacturing team who will proceed with production. It’s really that simple.

Check out some of the amazing ideas that have been brought to life by ILOILOH…


A luxury LED coaster, just for champagne. This beautifully elegant concept allows champagne bubbles to be gently illuminated by LED lightning…and the finished product was a success!


Check out this fluffy, 3D carpet idea that infuses floral art with comfort and style:


A twist on the standard umbrella, this design incorporates a tiny lamp that lights up pathways from inside the umbrella as you walk…perfect for those dark, rainy nights!


Making infants’milk could be easier and faster with a feeding bottle that has its own automatic temperature sensor.


The perfect wedding souvenir, these solid perfume pads consist of perfume made from essential oils with wax poured very thinly over paper which is left to solidify. The gorgeously scented sheets are easy to peel off and rubbed directly onto the skin.

The possibilities are endless. Unleash your creative potential in a community that gives you the opportunity to not only express all those wild ideas, but bring them to life, too!

Artists, designers, dreamers and innovators of every kind can benefit from exhibiting their concepts through ILOILOH. Get your ideas off the ground and engage with like-minded individuals where there are no limits to what you can create.

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