NI Pageant Winner Caitlin Rogers Gives Her Title And Prizes To Young Cancer Fighter

Belfast teen Caitlin Rogers captured the true nature of a pageant winner with one great act of kindness after she was crowned runner up for Teen Queen NI 2015.

IMG_2747The 17 year old gave her crown, sash and all of her prizes to a little girl with cancer who had inspired her with her fight against the the illness.

“Models and Pageants was my first ever pageant I entered when I was 16 years old.” Caitlin said. “This pageant did not only give me an amazing day but really helped me build up my self esteem.

“Angel, the pageant director and Laura Heath the Northern Ireland manager really supported me throughout the day. If it had not been for those two helping to calm my nerves and helping me to get over my anxiety I would never of gotten through the day.”

Caitlin achieved runner up for Teen Queen NI 2015 and soon dedicated her success to someone very close to her heart.

IMG_2745She said: “When I was crowned runner up I could only think of one person who I wanted to share my title with, and that was Alara Magee, a little girl who inspired me by her fight with cancer and winning against it! So I wanted to give her recognition of my full support during her battle.

“After all the pain she went through, how brave and inspiring she was, I thought it was only fitting I give her my title. Without Angel and Laura none of this would of been possible for myself or for little Alara.”

Laura Heath, the Northern Ireland manager for Models and Pageants also said: “Caitlin has had no recognition for this and I would love this story to inspire people about things they can do with their titles. I am so proud of Alara for winning her battle with cancer and I am also so pleased with Caitlin’s kindness.”

Models and Pageants’ next pageant, NI Cutest Kids, is on 14 January 2017 at Marine Court Hotel, Bangor. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


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