Introducing The World’s First Dyanamo-Powered iPhone Case‏

AMPware Power Generating iPhone Case is The World’s first hand-cranked iPhone battery case, this revolutionary gadget turns ten minutes of winding into two hours of regular mobile use.

ddfUsers can recharge their Apple gadget any time they’re running low on power, which ideal for camping, backpacking or just catching virtual reality monsters.

With this case you’ll never need a charger again. Developed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, AMPware Power Generating iPhone Case not only powers your gadget, it protects it as well with a strong case.


World’s first dynamo-powered iPhone case
23 times more efficient than solar power
10 minutes of winding provides up to 2 hours’ regular phone use
Flexible bumper protects against impacts
Camping or festival must-have
Ideal in emergencies
Suitable for iPhone 6 and 6S only

The AMPware Power Generating iPhone Case costs £69.99 from The Fowndry. Check out their website for more information!



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