6 Reasons Why A Yoga Retreat Might Be What You Need Right Now

Focus on you: A healthy holiday is a rare opportunity to focus on ourselves again, think about our passions, overcome fears and understand what is stopping us from living our life to the fullest.

picnaLeave it all behind: Time spent in retreat provides a much needed break from the usual routine to help reset our mental, physical and emotional well-being in stunning surroundings. Here’s what a retreat could for you…

Do a digital detox: Many of us (whether we care to admit it or not!) are addicted to our digital devices. At ONEWORLD retreats guests are encouraged (optional) to turn them off, and disconnect in order to reconnect with your own self again. The benefits of doing this are endless and include better sleep, a healthier body rhythm and more focus.

A retreat can be extremely useful for your business: If you feel like your business is getting stagnant and could do with a fresh injection of energy, heading to a retreat can be a profound way to make a big change happen. You’ll be able to take a step back, reflect and reevaluate your career, looking at it from a fresh perspective.

Get to the next level in your yoga practice: A retreat is a great opportunity to experience yoga in an intimate environment and under the guidance of an experienced teacher helping you to either learn from scratch or get deeper and strengthen your practice away from the stress of your day to day life.

Learn how to meditate: Many people know about huge benefits of meditation but find it tricky to grasp the technique in order to include it into their daily routine. Learning to meditate in a peaceful and still place during a retreat can allow you to learn this spiritual practice in and out and return home with a new skill.

Whatever stage you are on in your journey a break from the norm could be just what you need to move onto the next exciting phase.

ONEWORLD Retreats located in Bali hosts a new group yoga retreat each week and has welcomed thousands of people through their doors over the years, watching them transform.

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