6 People Experienced An Electronic Sound Bath, You Might Be Surprised By What They Say

Ever been to a sound bath?  Better still what about an electronic sound bath?

Sound Therapist Tessa Greer from the Sound Healing Spa is probably best known on the DJ circuit as DJ Troya having carved a successful career in club DJ’ing over the years.

However, recently the producer and complementary therapist decided to take her passions and merge them.

Well known on the circuit for delivering sound healing sessions across the country Tessa decided to merge her love of electronic music with her new skills as a sound healer.

Her electronic sound baths are an hour long invigorating session of sound therapy – suited to fans of dance and electronic music.

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Each set will showcase sounds, created to work with the body’s energy centres (The Chakra’s), which she has specifically produced for the Electronic Sound Bath.

She explained: “This sound bath is more dance orientated than the traditional relaxation sound baths, and it’s an opportunity for me to deliver sound therapy to fans of electronic music.

“Sound Therapy, or Sound Healing, works with vibrations and frequencies, which can be created by instruments, music and the voice, as well as other sources.  The way these vibrations and frequencies interact with the vibrations of our own bodies, help bring balance to the individual experiencing them.

“During a traditional Sound Bath such as Tibetan Singing Bowls, gongs, drums and chimes create an environment of different sounds and vibrations, used to inspire meditations and enhance relaxation.

“The Electronic Sound Bath allows me to combine my recorded sounds from these traditional instruments, with other electronic sounds and bring sound healing into another arena.”

If you want to experience an electronic sound bath try heading to the Belfast Mela on Sunday August 28, 5-6pm (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, here’s 6 other people’s experiences:

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Hayley Thurrat

“For me, there was a great flow during the set.

“I was able to move and shift with the energy output of the sounds.

“I also felt and noticed how people were able to either chill or dance at any stage which was lovely and has the ability to work with a wide range of people .  

|All n all great stuff and big thank you and it was a joy to watch.”


“Oh man! The positive energy created by Tessa’s electronic sound bath was awesome! Was the first time I’d actually felt the different vibrations throughout the music. And when I took body parts out of the area of vibration I could really notice the difference in energy.

“All sounds very mad and to me who doesn’t fully understand it it is weird. But such a good feeling afterwards so if that’s the case I’ll have some more please. Dancing to this sober is way better than raving in a club drunk on alcohol! Drunk on music and love.”



Melessa Loveday

“It was great music and beautiful people.  I felt the different instruments in each track, wow.  I intuitively knew I had to be barefoot for this set to stay grounded and from the first track I felt it in the root chakra it really loosen up all the energies.

“I felt twinges as it shifted creating a flow into the sacral where I felt heat and a calmness as it went into the second track my dancing became more flowing as the 3rd track commenced I had a swirling of energy culminate in my solar plexus.

“I felt myself becoming energised like after a 5k run or a 2hr workout.

“At the heart chakra I felt expansion and an opening up in that area creating a feeling of lightness and calm.  The crystal bowls are so beautiful in that track.  As it came to the throat chakra I felt like I had a lump in my throat probably due to working on area of expression eg, communication and creativity and by the end of that track I felt a movement of energy into my head.

“I also noticed I became more expressive while dancing as it came to the last few tracks I saw lots of purple and white and pink energy, I felt uplifted and euphoric, tranced yet very balanced and clear.

“When the last track played I did not feel like dancing but swayed and stretched feeling relaxed and chilled and hungry.  A lot of energy moved for me and I slept really deeply that night.

“Thank you for an amazing and very memorable experience I will definitely be interested in attending another electronic sound bath it was the most sober, fun and interesting energetic experience I have had in years.”



Julie Heslip

“For me I felt a solidarity and oneness with DJ Troya and with everyone around me and with the music.  I felt so positive and ecstatically happy that I felt my soul was going to lift out of my chest both spiritually and physically.

“Physically I felt my heart rushing and tingles in my fingers. I felt free of all subconscious thought, free of all negative thought and free of self awareness.  I felt totally free to be me in the environment where I felt loved and felt like everyone united had good intentions for each other and the power from that makes you feel like soaring.

“Overall the feeling was of happiness and health and love. The drum and bass track really worked in the middle too! I love music, I love life and the vibe I felt at that festival beat any festival I’ve ever been to.”



Eamon Rafferty

“I enjoyed your set very much so and the company I shared, perhaps in a different way from the other folks as I was being bad and had a few beers on the day and I know from experience that dancing when a ‘tad’ tipsy is a whole different experience from dancing sober, so perhaps I lost a bit of the depth of the music but that was more than made up for by the smiley happy people all around me, thanks for creating that experience.”

James Hunter

“I thoroughly enjoyed this specially crafted set to energise and raise my vibration. Did it work? I think so…as even almost a week later I seem to be smiling a lot and experiencing spontaneous outbreaks of laughter!



“Being completely sober at first was a bit difficult, however by the second track I was beginning to get immersed in the music and by the time the Drum and Bass track kicked in I was somehow out of my head and into my body!

“One track flowed into the next and muscle memory kept me moving to the old rhythm during the changeovers.

“Afterwards I was like a giggling teenager, but also felt quiet emotional – you know that feeling like there’s a lump in your throat.

“Totally amazing experience with long lasting benefits – get me to the next gig before this wears off!”


If you want to experience an electronic sound bath try heading to the Belfast Mela on Sunday August 28, 5-6pm (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

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