Mistaken Fate: How A Fairy Tale Encounter Turned Into A Dating Disaster

I’m a sucker for those stories about romantic chance meetings and fate, but they all don’t always work out well in the end.

pexels-photo-largeI dated a known dancer from a successful dance troupe who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent one year and I always used to think our meeting was so unique…like a love story, meant to be, fate. It was exciting and amazing and this guy was super cute.

It started when I was awake early following a really restless night. I was watching morning TV and next thing this dance troupe came on announcing their tour. Straight away I wanted to go, I love hip hop/street dance and it would be something my niece would love.

We all (my sister-in-law, her two sisters, me, my niece and a friend of hers) got tickets and of course, being me, I had to go and get front row ones. Being a short-ass, if you are not front row you see nothing.

When the boys were on stage there was this one guy and we shared what I call “a moment”. I had only seen them on Brtiain’s Got Talent so didn’t have a clue about their names, marital status’ etc. All I knew was this guy was hot. Have you ever locked eyes with someone and both of you stare at each other for ages and it seems like a lifetime? That was our moment and it seemed so long that eventually it got a bit awkward and I had to look away.

At the end of the show they came out to the bar to sign autographs and meet and greet, and of course me and my crew just sat at the bar. We were waiting for my brother to pick up the kids so us adults could go partying. When they boys came out I noticed this guy was still looking over at me even when he was surround by fans.

startup-photos-largeMy niece wanted her ticket signed but then my brother arrived for her so I offered to do it. I didn’t want to be seen as a fan girl so getting autographs for my niece because she had to go was perfect. As I went up the line I could feel his eyes on me the whole time waiting for me to get to him.

When I reached him he said “Did you enjoy the show? I noticed you in the audience!” To which I replied “I loved it, thanks, and I noticed you noticing me!” WELL… I never wished so hard for the ground to open up and swallow me before in my life. That was cheese on toast topped with a bit more cheese but he seemed to like it and he smiled. The rest of the night I was cloud nine thinking about him and the fact he was into me.

Following this we got in touch and chatted on Facebook, which turned to number exchanging, which then turned into him inviting me over to London for a date while their tour was there for a month. He told me to come along to the show as well.

It was all pretty exciting to me as he seemed like such a perfect gentleman so I just couldn’t wait to get to London to see him again. The day I arrived they had a matinee and night show so understandably I couldn’t see him. My friend and I went shopping, had a nice dinner and then drinks while waiting for him to come and meet me.

I sat waiting for him to contact me…nothing. I started to think he wasn’t coming. 1.00am came and he rocked up to the hotel, I was so glad he showed that I just let the whole issue of him showing at this hour go. My friend was tired and she went to bed and left us alone to talk and have a drink together.

fashion-person-woman-hand-largeThe next night was the night for us to go see the show and we would meet up after. I got all dolled up and I was really excited. It was weird watching him perform after chatting with him the night before. Once the show was over and I had only just made it outside to get a taxi my phone rang and it was him.

I answered thinking he was maybe going to say do you want to wait for me and we can leave together. Instead the first thing he said to me was “Did you enjoy the show? What did you think of me? How did I do?” I mean seriously I’m not even back to my hotel yet and he wanted to know how great he was. That was a bit of a turn off for me but I didn’t want to be rude so I indulged him. He said he was just going for a bite to eat with the boys and he would be straight over to me. This “straight over to me” turned out to be 1.30am.

I was beyond fuming as I was just about to give up on him, put my pyjamas on and go to bed. I went down and met him and he came in with a bottle of wine and a card. At first I thought “Aww, these are for me!” But no, he said to me: “Look what one of my fans gave me” and handed me the card to read it. I wasn’t really that interested in what it said but I took it and read it anyway.

That night we cuddled and kissed but the chat wasn’t happening at all unless I made conversation, and it was all about him. He didn’t ask me anything about myself, he wasn’t interested, and I think I was so swept away with our “moment” and so dying for a fairytale that I let all those wee things go for a long time.

Obviously that one didn’t work out…From a special meeting to a complete let down. Real life isn’t like the movies, but the movies aren’t that perfect either when you put the whole story together. What started out like a fairytale to me just turned out to be a massive disappointment.

It just goes to show you though, people who think they are really somebody will never love or care for anyone more than they care about themselves. This guy showed this to me almost immediately so I definitely feel I had a lucky escape this time!