“My Higher Self Feels Incredibly Inspired By Me” – YouTube Sensation JP Sears Tells Us What It’s Like To Be “Ultra Spiritual”

YouTube star, comedian and real-life emotional healing coach JP Sears has exploded over the internet with his hilarious “Ultra Spiritual Life” video series.

downloadWith around 100 million views on Facebook and over 30 million on YouTube, JP’s videos parody the lifestyle of modern-day hippies and teach his cult following how to become “Ultra Spiritual”.

His videos have earned him thousands of followers over the last 18 months, including “How to Meditate”, “How to become Gluten Intolerant” and his most popular, “If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans” which has been viewed over 64 million times across social media platforms and countless more beyond that.

JP took time out to talk to BAM about his amazing journey and what it’s really like to be “Ultra Spiritual”.

Hi JP! Tell us how and when you became Ultra Spiritual? 

It was the longest single moment of my life. To be practical, this moment is never not this moment, so it still hasn’t ended. This moment of enlightenment began many moments ago once I grew my hair long.

As you confirmed in your How To Meditate video, it’s important that people see you are meditating or it doesn’t count. Where are your favourite meditation spots for maximum public exposure?

An incredibly busy sidewalk in downtown is perfect for a peaceful experience of being relentlessly noticed while I crush a meditation.

14039971_1394708593878332_8031012861852052246_nWhat are the three key ingredients to achieving Ultra Spirituality?

Tight yoga pants, aggressive compassion, and a deep acceptance that you’ll never be Ultra Spiritual.

Who are your inspirations?

I feel inspired by my higher self quite a bit. More significantly, my higher self feels incredibly inspired by me. I also find my Archangel Jamal to be inspirational in all his angelic ways.

Describe the best moment of your spiritual journey.

The first time I beat Mother Teresa in arm wrestling. She might have a compassionate heart, but she’s ruthless when it comes to brute force. I also don’t have evidence that she wasn’t on performance enhancing drugs.

12348105_1196581377024389_111750717694263217_nWhat is the most challenging thing about being ultra spiritual? And the most rewarding?

It’s most challenging knowing that no one can relate to me, given that I’m the only one who’s Ultra Spiritual. It’s also quite rewarding knowing that no one is spiritual enough to be able to relate to me.

I want to be ultra spiritual. How should I dress and what kind of statuses should I post on my Facebook?

Typically dressing in a socially awkward way in unforgiving fashion proves to the world that you’re so self-accepting that you don’t have the need to care that you look regrettable in your flowing rags and mala beads.

For best results on Facebook, you should avoid posting anything about yourself at all costs and only post pictures of puppies and Buddha quotes.

People care much more about those than they do you, so you’ll get many more likes if you implement this sagely advice.

13509115_1342235949125597_1131693817898179312_nWhat is your view on the current rise in people becoming more conscious and spiritual around the world?

Around the world is a bit of a brainwashed perspective. In fact, they want you to think that the world is round so they can control you! Soon I’ll be publishing a video to enlighten the world on why the Flat Earth Theory is a reality.

What’s next for you on your Ultra Spiritual path?

This coming spring, the holiest book will be published since the bible was ghostwritten, which just so happens to be my book, “How To Be Ultra Spiritual: 12.5 Steps to Spiritual Superiority.”

Anything else you would like to add?

In the pursuit of the Tao, I don’t add anything, I only subtract. Therefore I would like to add that today has been full of blessings as my hair has never been shinier and my Kundalini has never been flexing its muscles harder.

Check out “How To Be Ultra Spiritual” below, subscribe to JP’s channel here or connect with him on Facebook www.facebook.com/awakenwithjp for more hilarious videos and updates. #UltraSpiritual #awakenwithjp

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