Why Connecting With Your Guardian Angel Can Improve Your Day

When it comes to spirituality, the idea we have a Guardian Angel transcends “religion” in that they are often found within many faiths and spiritual belief systems.

So it comes as no surprise that for many people “connecting” with their Guardian Angel can be more important to them than doing other religious or spiritual practices .

Whether you’re deeply religious/spiritual or simply “dip in and out” when you need a boost, finding a connection with your Guardian Angel will certainly help give you clarity, comfort and confidence in your day to day life.

Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor

Complementary therapist and spiritual counsellor Michelle Taylor from Mind Body Soul Living began her own Guardian Angel journey during an unsettled time in her life.

She explained: “My first personal connection with my Guardian Angel was at times in my life when I had interrupted sleep and found myself restless, tossing and turning in bed unable to fall over to sleep.

“I called upon my Guardian Angel to embody me with comforting, nurturing energy and help me fall into a peaceful sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. It always happened.

“This is where my relationship with my Guardian Angel started and has grown and developed over the years, so much so that I now raise awareness for others on the possibilities available to them in using this energy for themselves.”

For Michelle, and many people like her, connecting with her Guardian Angel was a way of looking within as well as finding comfort and support even when she was alone.

“Like all angelic energies our Guardian Angel connects with us through a specific frequency and that frequency is of the ‘heart centre’. This unconditional loving energy is with us from conception to death and it is freely available and very easy to connect with” said Michelle, adding: “Imagine knowing exactly what was right for you at any given moment of your life, what gives you joy, what brings radiance and beauty to your being, knowing all the answers you need for your highest good and the very purpose for which you were born.”

Despite having deep seeded roots in a number of faiths, Michelle teaches that Guardian Angels don’t come to the table with preconceived ideas of how you should live your life.  For those who call upon their Angels they are safe in the knowledge that they won’t be judged, ridiculed or prevented from taking a course of action they believe to be the right one.

Guardian Angel 1

In Michelle’s experience many of her clients have turned to their Guardian Angels in a bid to discover whether or not they have a “bigger” or “higher” purpose in this life.  People, Michelle says, who believe they were “meant” for something else but they don’t know what.

She said: “Some people know they are here for a reason and have the drive to seek it out but they don’t know where to look or how to begin.  Their Guardian Angel awaits their request for guidance. In keeping with the laws of the universe a Guardian Angel respects free will and will not judge your decisions.

“Imagine a presence that is always by your side loving you, no matter what mistakes you make, no matter what your thoughts or feelings are, no matter how you feel about yourself, you are loved unconditionally.

“In the eyes of a Guardian Angel you are precious and eternally loved.  This is a divine love that knows no bounds. It celebrates in your successes. It comforts you in sadness and it eases you in times of stress. It is energy and it is no more than a whisper away.”

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Whilst the idea that we have one or many Guardian Angels at our side isn’t a new one it has certainly come more to the fore in recent years with the increase of “New Age thinking”.

“In Catholicism for example, children were taught to say a prayer before going to sleep.  The prayer itself, regardless of whether you are of Christian faith or not, is wonderful because it helps the person envoke their Guardian Angel energy, although prayer is just one method” said Michelle.

Angel  of God.  My Guardian dear.  To Whom his love .  Commits me here.  Ever this day.  Be at my side.  To light and guard.  To rule and guide. Amen

“Our Guardian Angels hold the purpose for our lives and when we are following our purpose life is fulfilling and rewarding. Our needs are met and we are content, safe and grateful” added Michelle.

Working with Guardian Angel energy is just one of Michelle’s many holistic services.  As well as being a mainstream counsellor she also offers spiritual counselling which she explains offers her clients “a space for spiritual beliefs to be explored and practiced in order to validate experiences and use them to enhance everyday life, lifting you to a higher level of consciousness”.

Michelle, who is a Reiki practitioner and teacher, added: “All my work is about empowering all individuals to work towards their highest potential, regardless of what their stage of development is, spiritually or otherwise.

“Every individual has an inner knowing of what is best for them. Sometimes we choose not to listen to this and to hand our power over to others or blame the circumstances around us. We each have responsibility for our own lives and sometimes seeking support and guidance is part of that.

“Spirituality could be anything from mindful gardening or connecting with the beauty of nature to meditating four times a day in a Buddhist monastery.

“Using Guardian Angel energy is only one way of connecting and I find it is such a gentle energy that is easy to relate to, especially for those that are new to the idea of anything more than our physical world.

“Most of us have heard of the concept of Guardian Angels and as they are depicted as having a human body we can relate to them. Exploring your connection with your Guardian Angel can be an easy way to begin exploring your spirituality.

“Some Guardian Angel work is included in my Art of Self-love Workshops which runs regularly throughout Northern Ireland. I also have several Guardian Angel Meditations that I offer at my weekly classes, running in Bangor on a Thursday at 8-9pm.”

For more information log onto www.mindbodysoulliving.co.uk, email Michelle at info@mindbodysoulliving.co.uk or call 07983462539.

Download Michelle Taylor’s FREE 15 minute meditation audio file HERE

 11 Ways You Can Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Prayer may be the most traditional method of connecting with your Guardian Angel(s) but it’s certainly by no means the only way.

Here are 11 ways Michelle’s clients connect to their Guardian Angel on a daily basis:

  1. Prayer
  2. Meditation
  3. Being around nature
  4. Interacting with pets
  5. Simply calling on your Angel by saying: “Guardian Angel I call upon you now to…”
  6. Singing/dancing/performing
  7. Listening to music
  8. Being artistic and creative
  9. Writing
  10. Asking your Angel to connect as you sleep
  11. Through fragrances, scents and smells

Download Michelle Taylor’s FREE 15 minute meditation audio file HERE

What can my Guardian Angel do for me?

If you would like to connect with your Guardian Angel but you aren’t quite sure how they can assist and aid you in your everyday life, this isn’t unusual.  For many people, according to Michelle, it’s a journey of discovery which often starts with them acknowledging that it’s ok to ask your Guardian Angel for help and guidance.

Here are 6 things Michelle says your Guardian Angel can help you:

  1. Enhance your qualities of compassion, forgiveness, joy and love: for yourself and others
  2. Heal wounds of the heart – rejection, abandonment, loss and/or betrayal
  3. Guide you on your life’s purpose
  4. Help you attract love based relationships (as opposed to fear based)
  5. Help you let go and surrender control
  6. Recognise beauty and gifts in nature


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