“Shireen was probably one of the only truly good people in a world of evil.” – Game of Thrones Star Kerry Ingram Talks To #ThroneWatch At Titancon 2016

Game of Thrones fans descended upon Wellington Park Hotel on Saturday 1 October along with some special GoT guests for Titancon 2016, Belfast’s science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention that focuses primarily on HBO and George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones.

#ThroneWatch columnist Abby Williams ready for Game of Thrones fun at Titancon 2016

#ThroneWatch got an exclusive press pass to the event and caught up with Game of Thrones star Kerry Ingram to talk about her late character Shireen Baratheon as well as what’s next in her career.

“I miss playing her,” Kerry said. “But she is ashes. She has gone to a better place.”

As GoT fans will all sadly recall, Shireen Baratheon was brutally burned at the stake by her father Lord Stannis Baratheon and Lady Melisandre in season 5. Viewers immediately warmed to her character; the only daughter of Stannis who was given as an offering to the Lord of Light in the hope that it would help him win the Iron Throne.

Kerry said: “What I enjoyed most about playing Shireen was that she was one of the only truly good people in a world of evil.”

When asked what she would say to Stannis if she could go back, Kerry said: “Shireen would probably forgive her father. But I’d just say “Don’t burn me”, pretty much!”

The 17 year old actress previously played Matilda Wormwood in “Matilda the Musical” and her career has gone from strength to strength since her gruesome departure from Game of Thrones.

Kerry Ingram on the Titancon panel with Ron Donachie and William Simpson

Kerry Ingram on the Titancon panel with Ron Donachie and William Simpson

“Next week I’ll be in Barbarians Rising. It’s aired in the US and other countries as well, but its airing here and my episode is airing next Wednesday.” Kerry said.

“Also I have a couple of episodes of Doctors next week which was fun. Then I am doing a Netflix original, it’s a tween show so its very, very different from my previous work.”

Kerry spoke on the panel at Titancon 2016 along with Ron Donachie who plays Ser Rodrik Cassel and Game of Thrones storyboard artist Williams Simpson.

On what advice she would give to young actors she said: “You either have to be very young or coming into your adult years, because when you get to your teenage years people are going to want older to play younger. So you are better off waiting to get that because if you start younger you can grow with the experience.

“My advice would be to wait and go to drama school, learn all about acting and study it. I never got to do that, I ve got studying in variations to come back to. Plus, drama school helps you find agents and all of that.”

Despite not going through the drama school route, Kerry has been hugely fortunate to have been a part of Game of Thrones and it has opened many doors for her as an actress.

#ThoneWatch columnist Abby Williams and actres Kerry Ingram

#ThoneWatch columnist Abby Williams and actres Kerry Ingram

She said: “The thing is Game of Thrones is just such a big series its such an amazing thing to have on your CV. You can walk into a casting and they may not have seen the show but they have heard of it.

“Like Barbarians Rising, which is coming out next week, a lot of ex-Game of Thrones people are in that because the director’s a massive fan of it. So that helped a lot.”

And it seems some of the bonds formed between cast members on the show are still going strong. “I am going to see Aimee (Richardson) today. She played Myrcella Baratheon in series one and two of the show. I haven’t seen her in over a year and she should be on her way now so I’m watching the door.

“It will be a reunion. I cried when I was reunited with her after three months so I don’t know what my emotions are going to be like now!” Kerry told ThroneWatch. Aww.

Even more importantly, we wanted to know who she would like to see on the Iron Throne.


We like that answer very much.

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