Loads Of Amazing Birthday Cakes You Can Buy In Belfast

What makes a special day even more special? Cake, of course!

With so many beautiful cakes on the market these days we’re often spoilt for choice.

But if you’re looking for a cake that has that extra wow-factor, such as something personal to your loved one, it can be hard to find.


Carly Curley of Carly’s Cakery in Belfast is a maker of delicious deserts and cakes right across the city and beyond.

She said: “Gone are the days when a simple sponge cake and a number candle was enough for a birthday party.

“Now, more than ever, getting a good birthday cake is about making a statement.  Whether it’s a big surprise or the birthday boy or girl’s favourite cartoon character our customers are wanting bigger, better and more colourful than ever.

“From quad and twin cakes to slugs and multiple tiers I’m constantly surprised by the creativity of our customers and excited about the challenges they present us with.”

Whether you’ve got a birthday coming up or just wish you did, here are some of Carly’s amazing birthday cakes made this year….

1. Get your cake in the shape of your favourite TV character.


2. If your little one is a Ben & Holly fan this is definitely a cake for taking home to your little kingdom.


3. Make it a rockin’ cake with the birthday girl or boy’s favourite bands.


4. Disney fans prepare to be amazed by Carly’s Cakery‘s range of Disney inspired cakes.


5. Even the strangest of obsessions for 4-year-olds can be catered for.  Carly said: “I won’t lie we were surprised to be asked for a slug cake but we had great fun creating it.”


6. Can’t decide which superhero you want?  Have them all!


7. Twin time….


8. Go dino-crazy with this multi-shape dinosaur cake.


9. Maybe it’s not a birthday?  Maybe it’s a Christening you want to cater for….


10. Or what about an engagement cake?


11. This gorgeous cake is covered in beautiful shapes.


Order your cake now from Carly’s Cakery by contacting Carly on 07740 367253 or via Facebook by clicking HERE


Order your cake now from Carly’s Cakery by contacting Carly on 07740 367253 or via Facebook by clicking HERE 

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