Phil Kieran To Launch New Album ‘Blinded By The Sun’ At Secret NI Location

Phil Kieran is set to celebrate the release of his highly anticipated album “Blinded By The Sun” with a magical mystery tour to a secret location in Northern Ireland.

3-copieThe official launch will take place on Saturday October 15 where Kieran will be behind the decks all night playing his typical eclectic techno cuts and tracks from the new album; a narrative inspired by over a decade in the electronic dance music scene.

The legendary Belfast born DJ is one of Ireland’s most renowned techno artists and has worked with everyone from Green Velvet to Peter Hook and Gary Numan. He has gained international acclaim throughout his ten year career, remixing for Depeche Mode and also working closely with David Holmes on several projects.

Kieran previously released an album on Cocoon Records and two under the monikers Le Carousel and Alloy Mental. “Blinded By The Sun”, his fourth album to date but only the second under his own name, was picked up by Jamie Jones and signed to Hot Creations soon after.

Drawn to creating a positive music experience that would empower people on the dance floor, Kieran draws a direct parallel between the burning light of the sun and his experiences as a DJ. Inspired by the nature of the star that burns the eyes of those that stare at it for too long, he captures the essence of the dance music industry; the vibrant after-parties, the supposed glamour and beauty, that all too often become tainted with regrets, addictions and lost dreams.

Phil Kieran said: “To understand beauty, you’ve got to know ugly. There’s a dark side to everything and I think people are like that too.”

Light and dark go hand in hand, and with all things beautiful there is a correlating darkness. The hauntingly beautiful vocals of the track “Realities Forgotten” and increasing intensity of “I Can’t Help Myself” nod to the hedonism of these lifestyles.

Kieran did not use any samples for this album, instead focusing on musicians and original sounds. Teaming up with Jess Brien, whose vocals and intuition lend a soulful dimension to nine of the tracks, “Think Too Much” is a perfect case in point.

The album opens with “Solar Storm” and the enchanting voice of Wilson Magwere, who met Kieran after fleeing for his life due to the music he was making under Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

pk2Five tracks in and listeners experience a shift towards hope with tracks such as “”Don’t Give Up” and “Let It Go Away”, concluding with “Find Love”. Around the time he was producing the album Kieran was reading “Strength To Love” by Martin Luther King.

He said: “I grew up in Northern Ireland and was surrounded by hate and love at the same time, and yet we always used music to escape hatred and bigotry. Ultimately love and music can win.

“I wanted to capture something very real and raw. Something similar to the feeling you get at the end of the night, and jumping in a car from one after party to another driving through London or New York and then the music comes on the car stereo. It has your attention.

“We’ve all seen the seedy side; what can happen when you’ve been up for three days and how the tables can turn in an instant. It’s that part of life you really want to try and hide away from but also it’s the place where people can sometimes open up and share things with each other, reveal the truth about who they really are.”

A record that transcends genre boundaries, “Blinded By The Sun” is an incredibly fresh work of art that brazenly explores light and dark, beauty and ugliness, with an invigorating authenticity.

“There has to be some hope, and that’s how I wanted the record to end.” Kieran said.

Buses will collect and return party-goers to Belfast City Hall at 19.45 on Saturday 15 October for the official album launch event. Fans can expect a surprise-filled night of celebration, dance and great music at a secret location that is said to be “incredible”.

Tickets for the official launch are £12 and selling out fast. Get yours here or check out the event on Facebook:

“Blinded By The Sun”


1. Solar Storm
2. Make A Change
3. Blinded By The Sun
4. Realities Forgotten
5. I Can’t Help Myself
6. Don’t Give Up
7. Think Too Much
8. No Life
9. Let It Go Away
10. Find Love

Label: Hot Creations | Released: 7  October 2016 | Distribution: Above Board | Cat no: HOTCCD007 |  | |

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