Could Your Childhood Sweetheart Be The One?

Is your childhood sweetheart just that or a sneak peak rehearsal of your future true love?

couple-168191_960_720My childhood sweetheart (let’s call him D) is the nicest guy you could ever wish for. His only problem back then was…he always seemed to go off and look for something better.

Maybe I wasn’t enough. Maybe he was just young and scared to fully give himself to me. Whatever the problem, while he was with me he would have done anything for me. He would have kept me safe at all costs and even was the same way with my family.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but there was once a physical fight which involved my sister and I. My sister got a good few blows to the face and head and D actually lay over my sisters body and took every kick and punch that was meant for her. He did that for me! He did that because she was my sister.

Looking back, he probably should have just let her get the kicking! Later he showed up at the hospital and while everyone was fussing over my sister I sat quietly with him complaining that my arm was really sore.

heart-1165024_960_720It wasn’t until we were leaving that I mentioned it to my Mum, and as an after thought she asked the doctor to check my arm. Of course, my arm was broken. Everyone fussed over my sister all night and I sat for hours with only D concerned about me.

D has just recently come back into my life at one of the hardest points. He showed up like my knight in shinning armour. Just when I was at my lowest he came and picked me up off the floor. He taught me to trust again, to love again and, most importantly, how to laugh again.

We recently went to the cinema to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby (yes, I made him) and all through the film I kept saying “That’s so me”, but there was one point where Mr Darcy told Bridget he loved her, he even loved the way her neck went all blotchy and red when she was nervous. As I turned to say “That’s so me”, D said “I was just about to say that.”

I don’t think he though much of it but it shocked me (in a nice way) that he remembered that little thing about me. I thought about it the rest of the night. He remembers little things!

trolley-bus-1043230_960_720From spending time together there are so many memories that we shared together that we locked away for years. We both know each other inside out and I feel not only do I have my childhood sweetheart back but I have my best friend, too.

The Justin Timberlake wannabe is back with the Britney wannabe! When my little dog Gigi, who we all know is my baby, took ill he made himself available to take me to her appointments. He took on the role of my partner and being my support.

I don’t know where the future will take us but I believe we have found each other again, after everything that has happened in the years we’ve been apart, for a reason. I never stopped thinking about him but his new life stopped me from even acknowledging his existence for years.

Now he’s back in my life I feel like he’s never been gone. He knows my heart, he knows me inside out and I know him. I feel safe again. I feel happy again and I know if I need him he will be there for me in a heartbeat just like when we were kids.

I got my Mr Darcy/Mr Big and right now I couldn’t be happier.