Meditate NI Host Meditation And A Meal On Belfast Barge

Over 40 people gathered on Saturday 15 October for a guided meditation followed by a meal on The Belfast Barge, hosted by Ormeau Road’s Kadampa Buddhist Centre.

14796068_983629498415718_11989511_oThe unique location provided a great opportunity for people to experience some deep inner peace with a meditation taught by experienced teacher Pat Quinn.

Meditation has proven to enhance the lives of millions, encouraging a calmer state of mind and the ability to approach problems with both perspective and rationale. Furthermore, it is not necessary to hold any religious or spiritual beliefs to reap the benefits of meditation.

A Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital study has found that as little as eight weeks of meditation helped people experience decreased anxiety and greater feelings of calm as well as producing growth in the areas of the brain associated with memory, empathy, sense of self, and stress regulation.

Potala Kadampa Buddhist Centre offers a ange of meditation classes and workshops. For more information check out or connect on Facebook



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