New Comedy Show Hey You! Set To Come Up Trump(s)

Hey you! Yes, you! Tired of conspicuous consumption? Sluggish? Forgetful? Don’t like what you see looking back in the mirror? Forgetful? Best-selling author of “Eats, Shoots and Pees: Incontinental Drift in the Organic Age”, Brad Peelawn wants you to rediscover your Master Male Hormone. And that means ALL of you.

thumbnail_hey-you-8Following an alarmingly well received show at the Belfast Comedy Festival, Brad has been granted an extension on his Visa to exclusively reveal to you the macrobiotic wisdom of the ancients. The Men’s Male Health Fortnightly’s three times “Man of the Fortnight” will be your inner winner while you wait!

In a world glutted with snake oil charmers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know exactly how best to make a futile gesture with your money. But fear not junk food Jihadis: Brad has a big certificate. Join him as he reveals the macrobiotic wisdom of the ancients whilst struggling to keep the lid firmly on the Greek yogurt pot of his past…

Performed by Aaron Hickland, and directed by Emily Foran, Hey You is a biting satire on consumerism, hope and the modern human condition. Brad Peelawn is a creature for our times, where there’s a product for every pang, an ointment for every inadequacy.

Hey You is a terrifying, hilarious analogue to real life in a year when a crooked salesman is actually running for the US Presidency…

Tickets for Hey You are £6 and available from:

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Abby Williams
Belfast based author/writer specialising in entertainment, mental health and human interest.