REVIEW: Phil Kieran Reveals Incredible Secret Location For The Launch Of New Album ‘Blinded By The Sun’

On 15 October 2016, renowned Northern Ireland DJ and producer Phil Kieran hosted a one of a kind celebration at a secret NI location to mark the release of his sensational new album, “Blinded By The Sun”.


Narrow Water Castle, Warrenpoint

The mystery location for the album launch was revealed on the night to be the breathtaking Narrow Water Castle in Warrenpoint.

Set among beautifully landscaped gardens and typically associated with luxurious weddings, the scene stunned party-goers who arrived at the gates on board 50 year old double decker buses.

The big reveal followed a month of increasing excitement surrounding the secret venue and this only intensified on the bus journey to our destination. Spirits were high as we ventured outside the confines of Belfast City and found ourselves pouring into the depths of the castle.

Its not surprising that Kieran chose a venue that conflicts with the usual modern nightclub setting The album itself, “Blinded by the Sun” is a narrative comparing and contrasting the light and dark within the music industry, and in life itself.

BAM Contributors Editor Abby Williams arriving at the gates of Narrow Water Castle

BAM Contributors Editor Abby Williams arriving at the gates of Narrow Water Castle

Asked about the inspiration behind the night, Phil says “I’d been down to DJ in Narrow Water at a club night run by local promoters Clockwork. They had a cool crowd of young guys partying in these ancient surroundings and I thought it would be fun to introduce a Belfast crowd to the scene”.

Phil hit the decks around 9.30pm and played tracks from the new album alongside pounding techno beats that kept revelers on their feet throughout the night.

Despite the decadence and vastness of the location, the atmosphere was one of intimacy and there was a palpable sense of togetherness. Phil’s set was met with an explosive crowd reaction that failed to tire even when people were called to board the buses home in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Phil is no stranger to hosting events in unusual place. He runs a regular series of events called ANON which pop-up in under-utilised buildings throughout Northern Ireland.

Phil said:“When it came to hosting my own album party, I’d always loved the idea of revisiting the excitement of illicit raves in the 1990’s; of hitting the motorway and driving to a location that needed to be kept secret to avoid the law, but knowing that when you got there you’d be with the best people , listening to the best music and having the best time’.

Phil Kieran

Phil Kieran

One partygoer described the night as simply “Blinding”, a fitting endorsement for “Blinded by the Sun” which is available now via itunes and Beatport.

The Belfast born DJ is one of Ireland’s most well-loved techno artists and has worked with everyone from Green Velvet to Peter Hook and Gary Numan. He has gained international acclaim throughout his ten year career, remixing for Depeche Mode and also working closely with David Holmes on several projects.

The launch for Phil’s new album was one that will be remembered for years to come; a highly personal celebration that left those in attendance with a special sense of nostalgia and a euphoric hope for the future that lasted well after the doors of Narrow Water Castle closed behind us.

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