PRESTON GRAY Releases Debut Single “Freak Of Nature”

“To grow as an artist I felt it was time for something new, a more mature sound. It was time for a name change, and a new start.”

thumbnail_img_1929NI singer and producer Preston Gray’s debut single “Freak of Nature” was released on September 22, comprising of 12 tracks that alternate between Electronic, Pop and Funk style genres.

Preston previously released “Medicine” when he was known as “Mister Underground”, which went straight to radio, was featured on “BBC Radio 1”, “BBC Across the line”, “Cool FM new local breakthrough artist” and “BBC Radio Ulster”.

When performing under the name Mister Underground, Preston Gray frequently collaborated with other artists including Roysta, Rebecca Creighton ( Belle Amie), Silhouette, Freezepop and Wylding. For the new album he has taken a different approach and has worked alone, allowing the opportunity to create a raw sound that he can call his own.

Preston produced the entire single from his home before sending it to Belfast’s Cloud 9 studios for the mastering and finalising, paving the way for a larger wealth of knowledge that led him to grow as an artist and as a person. With each track being his own original work, he exposes a real sense of what his music is about and who he really is as an artist.

thumbnail_img_1920Not only has Preston solely produced this single in its entirety, he has also tweaked his sound: “Freak Of Nature” boasts a more mature approach, but still includes the previous electronic, energetic and upbeat style he is known for.

“The single is actually about me changing and growing as a person & artist. I feel like this is the real me, change is always good.” he said.

Despite uncovering a new found musical path within the making of this album, Preston is still keeping his creative options open and has not ruled out the possibility of returning to working on collaborations with other artists in the future.

“Freak of Nature” is available now on Amazon and Apple iTunes. Check out Preston Gray on Soundcloud here and connect with him on Facebook:

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