“It Was Time For A New Start”: Preston Gray To Debut Brand New Sound With ‘Break-Up Make-Up Sex’

Preston Gray, formerly known as Mister Underground, is no stranger to the NI music scene. In 2012 he released his debut single “Medicine” under this moniker and saw it go straight to radio.

thumbnail_img_1920“Medicine” was featured on BBC Radio 1, BBC Across the line, Cool FM’s New Local Breakthrough Artist and BBC Radio Ulster, combining an electro-pop sound with Mister Underground’s unapologetic, edgy style.

But over recent years, the 26 year old musician and producer has withdrawn from the spotlight to cultivate a new sound that is the basis of his next 12 track album, which is set for release in early 2017.

Preston said: “I have been making music from a young age but I didn’t release any material until I was 21. I felt ready and more confident at that age.

“I want to grow as an artist and I felt I was ready for something new and a more mature sound. So it was time for a name change, and a new start.”

thumbnail_14212120_1246977058692340_8708873266438914124_nPreston’s debut single “Freak Of Nature” fuses electronic pop with a funk twist and was released on 22 September 2016.

“This album has a more mature sound, I do keep some electronic beats through my music so it is still upbeat.” he said.

“I produced the single at home then took it to Cloud 9 studios in Belfast where it was finalised and mastered. The single is actually about me changing and growing as a person and as an artist. I feel like this is the real me, change is always good.”

Having previously worked with numerous recording artists including Rebecca Creighton (Belle Amie), Freezepop, Silhouette, Roysta and Wyldling, Preston felt that this album needed to be “raw” and as of yet there are no collaborations.

thumbnail_img_1929Preston said:“I feel like, in a way, making music is therapy. It helps clear a lot of emotion and negativity from your life.”

Not only working hard in the studio, Preston is set to launch a clothing line, “Prestige Clothing Inc.” in the future, although he will be concentrating on the release of his new music for the meantime.

“My main focus at the moment is the birth of my album “Break-Up Make-Up Sex” in 2017. Watch this space.”

Check out Preston Gray on Soundcloud or connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/prestongraymusic

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