Top 10 Disney Movies To Cure Your Hangover

The end of the weekend can be tough. Not only are you probably beating yourself up over the amount of booze you drank the night before (and other regrettable behaviours which may or may not include inappropriate dancing) but you also have the imminent horror of Monday morning looming ahead.

lion-kingThe general grimness that is synonymous with cold, dark Sunday afternoons does nothing to help matters, and sometimes there is only one cure…Disney!

Of course, Just Eat, pints of water and being physically horizontal for most of the day are also pretty much essential, but there’s something about the hopefulness of a good Disney movie that can take the edge off a brutal hangover and remind us of simpler times.

Enjoy this list of our top 10 favourite Disney movies for the ultimate post-sesh cure.

The Lion King

The reason The Lion King is such a classic is it’s feel-good underlying message that we are all one at the end of the day.

Of course, Mufasa’s death still traumatizes even the most cold-hearted of us, but this Disney favourite makes up for it in barrels with awesome singalong tunes, cute lion cubs and a wise old Rastafarian monkey. Say it with me now: Hakuna Matata!


The Little Mermaid

Every kid could relate to The Little Mermaid. All Ariel wanted was for her father to LISTEN…and, well, human legs.

Plenty of timeless songs, the defeat of a menacing sea witch and love overcoming all make this the perfect hangover remedy.


Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Set to a backdrop of wartime Britain, Bedknobs and Broomsticks whisks you away into a world of fantasy, magic and singalong wonderfulness.

Angela Lansbury stars in one of her most memorable roles as the apprentice witch Miss Price and, while the graphics may be dated, this is one enchanted spectacle that is sure to make you feel all warm inside.



Dumb is a story about defying the odds. And, more importantly: it features a flying baby elephant.

Talking animated crows singing “When I See An Elephant Fly” will lift you out of your funk and give you the inspiration you need to go on.giphy-3

The Rescuers

70’s kids will remember this heartwarming Disney classic that sees two rescue mice on a mission to save a little girl who has been kidnapped by evil treasure hunters.

Charming, action packed and totally nostalgic, The Rescuers is a top choice for emotional emergencies.


Alice in Wonderland

Who can forget Alice’s bizarre trip down the rabbit hole? Celebrating the vast wonder of the imagination, this Disney fave takes us to Wonderland where all manner of weirdness is in store.

Alice in Wonderland is so bonkers it may well help you recover on a Sunday morning after you see that the real world feels a lot more safe and normal. On the other hand, it could make you feel drunk again…


The Jungle Book

Disney’s tale of “man cub” Mowgli and his friends Bagheera the Panther and Baloo the Bear has delighted kids and adults alike since 1967.

Relive the magic all over again with unforgettable songs like “Bear Necessities” and “That’s What Friends Are For”; ideal for your post-drink blues.



There’s just something about Robin Williams’ voice that makes everyone feel better, which is why Aladdin is a top pick when it comes to hangover films.

Packed with catchy music, humour and just the right balance of emotion, this story of what happens when a street urchin falls for a beautiful Princess proves once again that love conquers all.



Taking us back to Ancient Greece, this colourful Disney showcase follows the experience of half-god, half-mortal Hercules and his mission to become a true hero.

A feel-good favourite with some unforgettable characters, Hercules reminds us about the important things in life.



Mulan is the ultimate Disney heroine of the late 90’s, proving that gender is no obstacle to greatness.

Set in China, girls and guys alike will enjoy the action, great music and witty gags that have come to characterise Disney classics such as this.


What’s your favourite Disney movie? Let us know in the comments!

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