Review: 6 Reasons You HAVE To Go To See Tumble Circus In Belfast This Christmas

Tumble Circus

When it comes to the circus I’m slightly biased.

At one stage both my parents toured with Fossetts all over Ireland and I suppose knowing that (and seeing the pictures) has given me an affinity with the circus meaning I will always have a special place in my heart for them.

So, when I was offered the chance to see a local circus show I jumped at the chance and I have to say it was probably one of the best variety performances I’ve been to in Belfast.


Myself and my partner Ciaran headed down on Tuesday afternoon with our 4-year-old son Logan to Writer’s Square in the Cathedral Quarter to be met by the big top facing St Anne’s Cathedral.

Ever tried explaining to a 4-year-old why there are no tigers in the circus?  It’s not easy!

Logan was amazed by the whole thing from the minute we approached the big top where we were met with some colourful characters from the show.  Getting popcorn on the way in and the chance to dance on the stage with the other kids where they were joined by Uncle Bucky was the perfect start to what was to be a brilliant show.

The sense of fun from the second we approached the venue won Logan over…and I can guarantee it will win anyone over…


So, here are 6 reasons why I think you should give the Tumble Circus Christmas Show a go!

1. It’s Local

I’m a great believer in supporting local industry where I can and this is especially true for the creative industries.

What better way to get that warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling than to show your support for some very talented people doing some pretty awesome stuff.


2. Something For Everyone

What Tumble Circus have done is create two different shows each day to ensure they are offering something to suit most people in the city.

At around 5pm each day the kids show SNOW gets underway with a great variety of highly skilled acts including acrobats, an aerialist and juggling with some comedy thrown in for both the young and old.

From 8pm (show 8.30pm) RAUCOUS kicks off for the adults which includes all the above along with standup comedy, burlesque and a DJ.


3. It’s Worth The Money

With so much going on at Christmas it’s hard to know what to spent what little budget we have set aside for entertainment.

For me, this is a no brainer, it’s a great value show and actually costs less per child than most trips to see Santa.


4. Talent

Tumble Circus has some of the most talented circus performers in Northern Ireland taking to the stage.  Even if you’ve seen acts like these before, you can be 100% certain you’ll gasp at least once.


5. Fun With Friends

There are two areas for sitting at the event, a theatre styled seating area at the front of the room and cabaret style tables at the back.

This makes for a perfect show to go and catch up with friends at.


6. Full Of Laughs

There is no way you won’t laugh your head off throughout this show.  From fantastic classic clowning to clever wit and humour, everything these guys do is injected with a beautiful sense of fun.


Get Your Tickets

The Tumble Circus Christmas shows will run until December 18 at Writer’s Square, Belfast.  Tickets start at £7.50 for children and £12 per adult.  For more information or to book tickets go to


About Tumble Circus

Tumble Circus is a modern circus company, based in Belfast. They have won international awards for their work and have toured throughout Ireland, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Tumble Circus provides a unique experience of innovative and contemporary Irish circus, specialising in high skilled circus – theatre – comedy.  At the core of Tumble Circus is a dedication to training, learning and constantly pushing the boundaries of their own work. It is their desire and life’s work to create new and exciting circus that entertains, amazes and is accessible to all.

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