5 Quick & Easy Crafts To Do With The Kids At Home

When it comes to entertaining the kids at home one of the best interactive activities for parent/guardian and child to engage over is arts and crafts.

Not only does it give the children some valuable time with their loved ones but it can help to improve their creativity in other areas of their life.

Shirley Brown Camblin who runs The Secret Door, a company that facilitates creative play workshops and creative play parenting classes for young people and parents/guardians in Lisburn, Co Down said: “Doing arts and craft together at home doesn’t always have to be a messy project – like many people may assume.  When talking about doing art at home with children for many parents this is what immediately comes to mind, an activity that is time-consuming, expensive and messy.

“However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated, it can be something as simple as drawing together or making stuff like junk art.  These activities help to foster their imagination, to story tell and to be creative in later life.

“Creative play with children helps to fill a gap that our current education system doesn’t always allow for.  It also promotes parent child bonding especially if done on a regular basis with the child always taking the lead.”

So, with that in mind, here are 5 quick arts and crafts projects to do with your kids as recommended by The Secret Door team:

1. The Rubber Band Car

2. 3D Paper Ornaments

3. Paper Fish

Download the FREE instructions atwww.Tinyurl.com/MakeAPaperFish


4. Paper Snake

5. Folded Paper Stars

To find out more about The Secret Door log onto www.facebook.com/thesecretdoorlisburn or www.secretdoorlisburn.com


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