Want To Stop Snacking? Apparently You Can With The New Slissie Device

Slissie, a lipstick-sized anti-snacking device is the first of its kind as it delivers appetite-suppressing flavourings that instantly helps you resist snack temptation.

U2NyZWVuIFNob3QgMjAxNy0wMS0yNSBhdCAxNS40MC4yNy5wbmc=At the press of a button you can taste flavours such as Chocolate, Vanilla and Mint, without any calories passing your lips.

Slissie releases tasty, appetite-suppressing flavours that stop you from eating things you know you really shouldn’t- and may quickly become your handbag essential.

Taste and smell (olfaction) have a direct effect on appetite regulation. Flavours that contain aromas of food are sensed by olfactory receptors and convey messages to the appetite control centre of the brain – leaving users feeling in control of what they eat and making it easier to avoid unhealthy snacks.

The sugar and calorie-free flavours include: Super Mint, Fruit, Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Gingerbread, Banana Bread and Caramel Coffee.

Psychologist, Corrine Sweet, said: “It is entirely possible to retrain yourself to break old, bad habits and adopt new, positive ones, to help you curb your food cravings. You need to identify your behaviours and make a decision to stop them. Then replace them with a positive strategy for curbing old habit patterns.

dog-889376_960_720“This may take effort and time, as we often hang on to what is familiar, but if you stick to it, you will soon be reaping the rewards for a little thoughtful decision-making, retraining and application of willpower – with a little help from your Slissie friend.”

Liz Casely, the founder of Slissie, is a mum of 2 who wanted to stop eating so many biscuits with her coffee. She said: “I invented Slissie as a helping hand to empower women, like me, to take control of what they eat without having to constantly diet. By cutting my bad snacking habits, my clothes fit better and I have more room left to enjoy special treats whenever I want to.”

Slissie is not a diet, it’s a diet aid and can be used in conjunction with any weight loss plan you choose. It can be bought as a Starter Pack, which comes with four combinations of flavours to choose from. For those who benefit from an extra bit of motivation, the Friends Pack offers a discount when buying a second device.

For people on the go, the Ultimate Pack and Travel Pack come with a handy travel case, desk stand and lanyard. This means you can keep Slissie to hand and swap between flavours easily, wherever you are. Refill Kits are also available, so you’ll never run out of your favourite flavours.

Slissie is easily charged using a USB connection and each refill lasts around 7-10 days. That’s 250 uses and works out at £1.33 per day to aid weight management. The more you use Slissie, the more affordable it gets with a £12.99 refill pack working out at only £0.62 per day.

The Slissie Starter Pack costs £39.99 and Refill Kits start from £12.99. For orders and details on the full range visit www.slissie.co.uk

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