Restaurant Review: Rockmount Golf Club, Carryduff

Rockmount Golf Club is a parkland designed championship course located to the south of Belfast City centre. We decided to go to Rockmount Golf Club at lunchtime to celebrate a family birthday.

thumbnail_15878657_10211070162252144_713404344_nOn entry to the Club, we were greeted with a beautiful roaring open fire. At the start of our meal at Rockmount our waitress fixed us with a big, cheery grin, then seated us by the window.

We had the luxury of the view of the golf course. and even if Christmas has left you feeling as stuffed as a force-fed foie gras goose, fear not! – Rockmount has a quality lunch menu.

We all ordered very simply: two mini fries, Co. Down fillet of chicken filled with sun-dried tomatoes and Italian smoked bacon topped with butter cream sauce, and baked potato with chicken, mushroom & cheese.

Now, the four of us dine out regularly – we are VERY fussy about each aspect of our dining. From atmosphere to food quality, no matter what time of day, we expect quality.

Occasionally lunch menus can be a bit lack lustre, but not at Rockmount. One of my dining companions commented to the waitress that her lunch was “magnificent!”.

After the well-presented, good quality food we sat round the open fire drinking our Lattes and stayed just chatting and putting the world to rights. The relaxing atmosphere meant we stayed just a wee bit longer than planned. Okay, a lot longer.

To make a book at Rockmount Golf Club call 028 9081 2279 or see for more information.

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