27 Easy To Do Hairstyles That Will Revamp Your Look


When it comes to our hair, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a rut which leaves us looking exactly the same morning, noon and night.

How many times have we looked in awe as a colleague, friend or family member creates yet another perfect look that seems effortless, stylish and….well….fabulous?

Surprisingly, it’s not actually that hard.  I’ve got long hair and my biggest problem isn’t knowing what to do but having the confidence to leave the house with my new hairdo.

So…instead of resolutions this year I’m simply going to try new things…and one of these “new things” is taking a little time to change my hairstyle.

And of course YouTube has come to the rescue with these 5 fantastic tutorials which will show you a whopping 27 ways to do your hair this coming year.

5 Tutorials, 27 Hairstyles…

6 Easy Lazy Hairstyles

When you get past the advertising nonsense on this one (around 56 secs) there are some really simple styles for both wearing long hair up and down.

5 Easy Heatless Hairstyles

What I love about these hairstyles for long hair is that they have that boho chic messy look thing going on.  You know what that means…if you get them wrong, no one will notice!

3 Running Late Hairstyles

It would seem that one thing all these tutorials have in common are women with a very slight curl in their hair.  So…my tip is to go to bed with your hair rolled and pinned, that way you get a little head start when rushing around the next day.  I love number 2 in this one.

10 Funky Hairstyles For Short Hair

I have to say I absolutely LOVE this tutorial.  These are fab hairstyles with a bit of fun and funk to them and certainly worth looking at for ideas if you want to stand out from the crowd at an event or inject a little playfulness into your everyday look.

3 Hairstyles For Growing Out Short Hair

If you have decided to grow out your cute pixie cut and you’re somewhere in-between a bob and not a bob then this is a great wee tutorial for some easy ideas for making it look on-trend.

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