10 Classic Mistakes Most Learner Drivers Make

The majority of new drivers are nervous about their theory and practical tests and the key to success is becoming a well-practiced, confident driver. To combat nerves it’s a good idea to pin-point what you struggle with and practice that area.
It’s estimated that a whopping 1.6 million people in the UK take their practical test every year, yet only 43% of people pass. To pass the test a driver must receive no major faults and a maximum of 15 minor faults.
To help you prepare for your upcoming test, here are 10 classic mistakes most learner drivers make and you should definitely avoid…
1.    Getting the speed wrong
Be it too slow or too fast, lots of drivers don’t abide by the speed regulations for the roads covered on their test. This can be dangerous to others on the road.
2.    Forgetting about signals
Signals are there for a very important reason and by not using them drivers increase their chance of collision. It’s a good idea for new drivers to practice signalling procedures in a stationary car and create a memorable process so they don’t forget.
3.    Ignoring The Mirrors
Just like signals, mirrors are put in cars for more reasons other than catching your own reflection. Every time a driver changes in speed or direction they have to look in the mirror and they should be checking these regularly anyway to stay aware of the road.
4.    Moving Away Without Being Safe
Following on from forgetting about signals and mirrors, some drivers get nervous in tests and fail to go through the proper procedure for moving away. Forgetting to check blind spots is a big no no!
5.    Getting The Position Wrong
Being in the correct lane is really important and the key to this is thinking ahead. Otherwise, you’re at risk of picking up at least a minor fault.
6.    Losing Control
When on the road it’s important to maintain control of the vehicle at all times. During a test, drivers have been known to lose control over their steering, causing risky turns and road positioning.
7.    The Turn In The Road
There’s always a part to the practical test when the examiner acts the driver to complete a manoeuvre. The turn in the road is often failed because drivers forget to check their rear view mirror on the reverse section.
8.    Bay Parking
Reversing into a parking space is one of the most common reasons for failing a driving test and it’s all about accuracy. Don’t be afraid to correct yourself if you need to.
9.    Reversing Around A Corner
Another manoeuvre which causes havoc is the reverse around a corner. Most people who fail this don’t observe their surroundings enough or manage to keep the car close enough to the kerb.
10.  Dealing With Junctions (Or Not Dealing With Them)
This is the biggest reason for failing a driving test and again it comes down to observation. To emerge onto a new road safely you have to observe and move forward confidently. If you stall, correct yourself quickly and sensibly and try again. If another vehicle has to change speed or direction then you’ve landed a major fault and an immediate fail.