5 Northern Irish Instagram Influencers You Must Follow

With social media taking over the world it is unsurprising to know that it is an industry where there is big money to be made. What may shock many is the fact that normal people can make money from apps such as Instagram simply by posting pictures. For those wondering what exactly an Instagram Influencer is let me break it down for you. An Instagram Influencer is an Instagram user who has an established credibility and an audience. They are a person who can persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity to buy products. They can also be a person who gains lots of followers for simply posting nice pictures, funny videos or song covers on the app. Their fan base usually stretches beyond just Instagram so we have compiled a list of 5 of the best from Northern Ireland that you should follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Kailum O’Connor- Kailumslife

Instagram Followers: 55,600

Facebook Likes: 177,611

Twitter Followers: 3,460

Youtube Subscribers: 20,955

Kailum is best known to many on social media as his username ‘Kailumslife’. The 19 year old from Belfast has built up quite the following online where he does a variety of things on a variety of platforms from skits to pranks to even makeup videos and song covers Kailum does pretty much everything! Many of his videos are uploaded to Facebook and Instagram where he has the best following. He does also however have a Youtube channel with over 120 videos. His online influence has been rewarded withnominations for the Best Overall Influencer and Best Social Media Influencer at the Beauty Blog Awards Ireland. A household name to many in Northern Ireland Kailum is only going to get bigger and if you want a bit of craic you should definitely follow him!


  1. Sophia Mitchell- Sophia_Mitch

Instagram Followers: 685,000

Facebook Followers: 38,758

Twitter Followers: 40,300

Youtube Subscribers: 333,572

Sophia is a 17 year old model from Belfast who currently lives in London. She is a model for Models1 Agency and has quite a large following on various social media platforms, particularly Instagram where she shares glamorous shots of her everyday life from nights out to cozy days in. She also promotes various brands on her account whilst on Youtube she does videos which range from makeup tutorials to daily vlogs. On Twitter she shares opinions on a range of topics and if you’re looking for some tips on various looks for different nights out check out her Youtube channel. If you want to see what clothes are new in and trending hit up her Instagram account as she always models the latest ranges.


  1. Adam Beales- TheNewAdamb99


Instagram Followers: 44,700

Facebook Likes: 3,428

Twitter Followers: 12,300

Youtube Subscribers: 1,027,243

Adam is a Youtube star from Derry/Londonderry. The 18 year old has amassed over 1 million subscribers and uploaded 200 videos since he started his channel in 2014. He gained popularity on Youtube for his DIY craft, life hack and challenge videos. On his Instagram you will find plenty of nice pictures of him promoting his new clothing range NewBie clothing and great shots of him doing all sorts of things. If you’re looking for some colourful images to spruce up your Insta feed and a light hearted Youtube channel to watch Adam is your man to follow and subscribe to!

  1. Michael Mulcaby- Michaelmulx/ BelfastGirls

Instagram Followers (Michaelmulx): 3,556

Facebook Likes: 93,749

Youtube Subscribers (Mick and Alanna): 368

The creator of the widely known comedy Facebook page ‘Belfast Girls’ Michael has had quiet a meteoric rise to fame. At 26 he is the oldest in the list but that by no means is to say he isnt as successful as the others. His funny and relatable role as Belfast mum ‘Bernie Greene’ in BelfastGirls videos has had many up and down the land laughing out loud saying that is the way ‘their mum’ gets on. The ‘BelfastGirls’ are so popular they are now going to take to the stage with live shows in the Waterfront from the 9th-20th October this year. Whilst the ‘BelfastGirls’ are arguably Michael’s most successful page he has recently set up his own Youtube channel with his friend Alanna where they do comedy videos and challenges. He only has 3 videos so far but there is no doubt that his channel will continue to grow. His Instagram itself is also hugely popular with great images and funny captions make sure to follow him for some behind the scenes of the ‘BelfastGirls’ shows in October.


5. Zarak Bartley- rcdzarak

Instagram Followers: 2,063

Facebook Likes: 1,212

Twitter Followers: 214

By far the smallest influencer on this list Zarak’s account is on the up with his life portrayed through his colourful Instagram account. Whilst born and raised in Larne he went to university in Barcelona and currently lives in Spain working for Real Chiropractic Dynamics. His Instagram combines candid pictures with witty captions and it will be more of the same in the coming months as he goes travelling with his schedule on his account reading that he will visit Amsterdam, Cork, Paris, Madrid, London and Hamburg from September until March next year. So if you enjoy seeing various places throughout Europe through the eye of a camera Bartley’s account is the one for you. His Twitter  involves lots of perilous ramblings about all things in life so if you enjoy stuff like that (which lets face it who doesn’t whilst scrolling through Twitter?) the 25 year old’s account is one which you should follow.

Have we missed anyone out? Get in touch to let us know of any Influencers from here that you think deserve a follow and if we get enough who knows we could make a part 2!

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