Summer Is Here: Time To Date

With Love Island back on the TV and the weather beginning to brighten up it is clear that summer time is upon us. Gone are the miserably wet and cold winter days where many people feel sluggish and downbeat, replaced by the longer and brighter days of summer evoking thoughts of picnics, BBQ’s and sun, sea and sangria.

According to psychologists at the University of Michigan “‘pleasant weather improves mood, memory and creativity” (Joseph Serwach) and on the basis of this it seems that the season of summer is the best time for both males and females to begin looking for a new relationship.

There is a sense of optimism around summer time and you may find that you have a renewed sense of urgency to change your current single status and put yourself out there as someone actively looking for a relationship.

This is apparent especially when you see friends going off on romantic summer getaways with their partners. You may feel a slight sense of envy and wishing it was you. You feel that you are missing out due to the fact that you don’t have a significant other to go places with. That is why summer is the time to change as it is a period in which you are more likely to be willing to trying new things, a time where you are sure to feel quite relaxed and be a bit braver when it comes to dating.

This is further reinforced by the Fundamental Facts about Mental Health published in 2016 which states that “being happily married or in a stable relationship is linked to both physical and mental health benefits, including lower morbidity and mortality”. (Fundamental Facts about Mental Health, 2016).

In that document it also said that those people in a stable relationship have “greater life satisfaction, lower stress levels, lower blood pressure and better heart health than individuals who are single.”

It is clear therefore, that there is a direct correlation between feeling happy and healthy and being in a stable relationship, which is why it is best to start dating in the brighter lighter days of summer when you are more likely to be open to the possibility of finding love.

Northern Ireland matchmaking company Soiree Society believe services like theirs can help to channel all those positive feelings and to give singles across the country a hand to help find the perfect relationship this summer.

Founder Claire Hughes said: “Many people around this time of year are in a much more positive mind-set as opposed to winter time. “The great weather no doubt plays a part in them feeling more optimistic as they want to enjoy the longer days at home or go on holiday and it’s so much more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with. As work normally becomes a bit more relaxed in the summer we find that people especially men, tend to be a bit more carefree and feel that they have more time to fully commit themselves to dating and we are definitely on board to help them.”

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