Meet The Artist: Francine Montgomery

Francine Montgomery is a 25 year old photographer and videographer from Ballinderry. Francine studied Moving Image Arts in secondary school for A Level and she’s always been a movie buff. Francine took her love for film further and studied a HND in Creative Media and finished off her degree in Ulster University. Francine now runs her own business 

What genre / style do you create in?

I am very well rounded, I photograph all different styles of photography from products, landscapes, portraits and weddings.With videography work we focus on a lot of business promotion videos and also weddings.

What would you be best known for?

Taking portrait or landscape photos. 

What would you consider your biggest achievement?

Starting my own business! It feels great getting to do what I love everyday and now for a living.

What would you consider to be the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your industry?

That experience is everything. Also every day is a learning day. Every job is different and you learn so many new skills after each job.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Getting back into work since Covid-19 has happened!

Tell us a little about your personal life, are you married, kids, hobbies etc?

I love travelling and exploring different places! I also love to capture my travels and also to make travel videos to help others.

Tell us about your most recent work?

My recent work to date is actually working with a Northern Ireland Beauty Brand in creating promotional content for them and also helping create material for the next product launch. 

What would you like us to tell people about?

That I’m available for work and to contact us today. 

You can follow Francine on Instagram here >>

If you had to describe your work to someone who has never heard of you what would you say?

That it is very bright and fun. 

What’s the funniest experience you’ve had in your business?

I am desperate for getting lost. 

What would your advice be to young people hoping to pursue the same industry?

To always follow your dreams!

Who do you look up to and why?

I love the photographer Brandon Woelfel, his photos are so cool. He always tries something different with portrait photography to give it a different edge. Also the colours and look he gives his images is so edgy.


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