Meet The Blogger: Holly King

Holly is a 22 year old Engagement content creator from Derry.  She posts about beauty and lifestyle on her social media with the handle @itshollyking.

Why did you decide to become a blogger/influencer?

Because I was always asked questions about makeup and how I did it.

Tell us something your followers might not already know about you?

I’m only 4’11.

What would you consider your biggest achievement as a blogger/influencer?

Biggest achievement would be the amount of friends that I’ve made, absolute blessing.

What would you consider the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in the industry?

It would be to not get caught up with being perfect because everyone else is seemingly perfect, it is the easiest way to fall off the wagon and feel like quitting.

Picture by Holly King

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Coronavirus, I lost hope and motivation as I couldn’t post anything new that I was doing and being stuck at home and being stressed made my skin break out so I didn’t feel worthy enough to make makeup posts.

Do you feel that bloggers are unfairly judged at times, if so why?

I feel that often we are called wannabes and that we just seek self-validation and attention which is unfair, I believe it is said by people who don’t understand the power of posting and validity of reviews.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog/instagram page?

Picture by Holly King

Just go ahead and do it, forget about your fears because there is a whole community of friends and support at your fingertips.

What local blogger do you look up to and why?

Seanity is my fav blogger because she is so true to herself and is honest and creates a sense of comfort in realism and knowing that she is a real person like you and I.

What international blogger do you look up to and why?

 Kimberly margarita is incredible as she has had some strong hate messages delivered to her as her content is abstract compared to the usual sort of makeup. I think she is creative and incredibly talented.

You can find Holly (@itshollyking) on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and TikTok or check out her blog at


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