Meet The Blogger: Louise Moran

Louise Moran (37) is a Wedding Consultant based in Cork but she claims she will always be a Dublin girl at heart. Luise runs a Wedding Blog: Behind The Wand.

Why did you decide to become a blogger/influencer?

Having worked within the wedding industry for over a decade I decided to set up my page to help inspire & guide couples through planning their perfect day.

Tell us something your followers might not already know about you?

Some followers may not know that I owned my own bridal boutique for a number of years before starting the blog. We were one of the first boutiques in the Republic of Ireland to make the finals in the Bridal Buyer Awards (the Oscars for bridal boutiques) one of my proudest achievements!

What would you consider your biggest achievement as a blogger/influencer?

Completing my new book Unveiled – Your Wedding Bible which is available from October 2nd (2020)😊

Unveiled – Your Wedding Bible by Louise Moran

What would you consider the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in the industry?

To always trust your gut & stay true to who you are.

Do you feel that bloggers are unfairly judged at times, if so why?

Thankfully I have rarely been on the receiving end of any negativity online. But yes I do think at times many people within the blogging industry are judged unfairly. What you see online is a tiny snippet of what somebody’s life is like. For many this is their profession just like any other job just because a blogger/influencer is online shouldn’t make them a target.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog/instagram page?

Just do it! If you don’t start you’ll never know what could be.

What local blogger do you look up to and why?

So many to choose from but a firm favourite of mine is Its Cherry Sue. Never met the lady but I believe what you see is what you get. Has a fabulous mix of content, currently loving her tips on blogging.

What international blogger do you look up to and why?

Retro Flame – yes an Irish girl but living in New York.


You can find Louise on Facebook and Instagram!

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