5 Northern Irish Music Artists To Watch Out For in 2022

Although small, there’s no doubt about it that Northern Ireland is a country full of talent just waiting to be discovered.

Here are 5 Northern Irish music artists to look out for this year:

  1. Lucy Gaffney

Belfast-based Lucy Gaffney has been creating music for over a decade, originally releasing music with her brother as an alt-rock, dream-pop sibling duo in the bands Southern and MMODE. As Southern, the two performed as a supporting act for Catfish & The Bottlemen’s U.K tour back in 2014, and even toured with Bastille.

Lucy has been releasing music as a solo artist since 2020, with her debut EP Easy Come Easy Go coming out earlier this year. As each of the 4 songs are from personal experiences, Lucy has described the EP as having a lot of sadness and joy interwoven into the lyrics.  Liam Gallagher himself described Lucy’s dreamlike voice as “celestial”.

In August, Lucy will be taking to the stage at Custom House Square as a support act for Ryan McMullan – it’s set to be her biggest gig yet.

Check out the official music video for Easy Come Easy Go.

  1. Travi The Native

Travis Gilbert has been on the Belfast music scene since Spring 2020, but has been working on music long before his debut as Travi The Native by attending writing camps with both Sam Fender and Artful Dodger.

With a strong fan base across Europe – thanks to touring and Love Island Germany -, Travi The Native’s credibility and versatility is evident as his alt-pop sound features electro and hip hop influences.

Despite the initial “new-kid-on-the-block” appearance, Travi The Native’s talents have been recognised locally as he is set to open for Ryan McMullan at Custom House Square this August.

Check out Travi The Native’s most recent release, SHAMBLES

  1. Aimee Thompson

22-year-old Aimée Thompson, known musically as Aimée, is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who made her official debut on the music scene in 2020 with the release of The Grey.

Acting as an exciting introduction to Aimée’s talent, her ability to create captivating backing tracks that work in harmony with delicate vocals. A unique artist in her own right, Aimée’s ability in the piano, guitar and violin are showcased throughout both her own music and covers in a way that can only be described as genius.

Just earlier this month Aimée announced that she’s set to release her next single Cloud 9 in May.

In the meantime, check out Aimée’s 2021 release Shiver

  1. Susi Pagel

21-year-old Carrickfergus based Susi Pagel has been showcasing her musical ability online since 2017 before officially releasing her first single Yesterday in 2020. Self-titled as a hyper pop princess, Susi’s sound has been compared to that of Melanie Martinez as her music continues to display relatable and heartfelt lyrics that work in conjunction with addictive, dreamlike backing tracks.

More recently, the singer’s original single Pick Me has been shortlisted for Kickstart 2022, presented by Chordblossom, following its release on 16th March.

Susi is set to perform at the Women’s Work Festival 2022, running from 2nd-5th June; a promotion, celebration and support for women through accessible local networking events that also works to promote Belfast and Derry/Londonderry as forward thinking music cities.

Check out Susi’s first ever music video for her song Pick Me

  1. KALLA

Antrim-based KALLA has been on the music scene since 2019, but it’s only in more recent years has he been sharing his music with the world.

Using the COVID-19 lockdown periods as an opportunity to learn and develop, KALLA brought his indie soul sound to the forefront with the release of SOUL; a reintroduction to him as an artist.

Heavily inspired by the current U.K jazz scene, KALLA’s airy vocals and ability to create hypnotic instrumentals is simply a beginning testament to the talent he’s continuing to showcase.

SOUL has been shortlisted for Kickstart 2022, presented by Chordblossom, following its release on 2nd March.

Check out SOUL

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