Job Vacancy Levels Begin To Stabilise Across Northern Ireland

After a 35% decline in hiring throughout 2020, 2021 statistics show an increase in professional vacancies across Northern Ireland.

The previous year has seen County Antrim generate over 25,000 jobs, with Antrim reporting 7,000 IT jobs and over 3,200 accountancy vacancies.

The data found the number of applications per vacancy throughout 2021 topped even pre-pandemic levels.

Research was conducted by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (ASPCo) using data supplied by Broadbean Technology. The study revealed that IT jobs contributed to over a fifth of total job vacancies, with accounting and engineering related roles following closely behind in terms of demand.

An explanation of 2021 investment reports from Deloitte and PWC, a significant number of IT jobs were advertised in comparison to all other job roles.

Call centre and customer service roles recorded the most applications per job opportunity at an average rate of 35. This was closely followed by logistics at 25, and admin and secretarial at 17.

Despite this, sectors reporting highly in regard to new positions recorded lower in applications.  Medical and nursing roles were found as having an average of 2 applicants per role, suggesting a severe skills shortage in the healthcare sector.

Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo, said: 

“It’s extremely promising to see that Northern Ireland’s recruitment landscape is showing continued signs of recovery. Most encouraging though, application numbers appear to be relatively stable across a number of sectors, bucking the trend that many economies are currently experiencing.

“The dearth of talent in areas such as medical and nursing does, however, show that employers in Northern Ireland are struggling to find people for highly-skilled roles – a challenge that won’t be easy to overcome while post-Brexit uncertainty around a hard-border in Northern Ireland remains.”