Half Of People In The UK Won’t Leave The House Without Their Mobile Phone According To New Survey 

A new study reveals the average Brit would be reluctant to leave their home unless their handset was on a minimum of 66% charged.

And as many as 49% would not attempt to go out, even for a short while without their phone.

Overall, 54% said they feel genuine anxiety, being out and about with a battery power of 20% or lower, with 19% admitting that they wouldn’t consider leaving home without full charge.

Overall, four in ten (41%) admit it makes them feel a sense of panic if they realise, they’ve left their handset at home while out.

In fact, the research commissioned by the OnePlus 10T, found 42% feel genuinely anxious if they are either without their phone or with low battery.

Needing to use Google Maps or an app to get to a destination with low battery was the most anxiety inducing situation (45%), followed by heading off on holiday (31%) and getting a train at the station (30%).

The research also found that seven in ten Britons confess they’re amazed by how dependent we are on modern technology today.

68% said they never leave the house without their phone so they can always contact people easily, while 47% hate the idea of someone not being able to get hold of them.

And almost half (46%) admit it would just feel strange to be without their phone.

Tuomas Lampen, European Head of Strategy at OnePlus, which conducted the research said: This research shows how we like to be fully charged. Our brand-new device the 10T – provides up to a days’ worth of charge in just 10 minutes and can be fully charged in as little as 19 minutes thanks to its 150W SUPERVOOC charging, ensuring people won’t get stuck at home waiting for their phone to come back to life.”

The study found that the phone power panic capital of the UK is Stoke on Trent, where over half of residents (53%) admit that the idea of forgetting their mobile makes them break into a sweat, compared to a national average of 41%.

This was followed by Brits living in Manchester (49%), Londoners (48%) and those living in Liverpool (47%).

To help in the quest to alleviate battery anxiety, OnePlus is also offering £100 off any order above £980 from http://www.OnePlus.com/oneplus-10t by using the code TAKE100.


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