Wait! If You’re Travelling This Weekend, Are You Sure You’ve Done These Last Minute Checks?

A weekend break is a lovely thing. You can get away for a couple days, have the time of your life with your loved ones, and then come home feeling refreshed – and all you needed was 48 hours! Now you just need to step onto the plane, find your seat, and have a stress free flight. 

But wait! Did you double check everything before you set off? Those last minute checks hold up the fine line between a good time and a bad time – did you remember to do them all? If you’re not sure, don’t panic; you’ve still got some time to go through the checks below! 

What’s the Weather Forecast?

It could change at any minute! If you don’t check the weather before you get on the plane, there’s a good chance you’ll lock yourself out of bringing a coat along entirely. So double check before you go to see what the forecast has in store; is the weather going to be a bit erratic? Then you definitely need to pack more than just the sun appropriate clothing you were planning! 

Double Check Your Insurance Policy

If you lose your suitcase, will you be covered? If you get robbed on the street, will you be covered? If you have to visit a local hospital, will you be covered? These are the things to be sure of before you go. After all, the best travel insurance can be hard to find when you just buy the cheapest and/or the first policy you come across! You need to shop around and make sure you get exactly the right kind of cover; it won’t last long, so it’ll never be too expensive. 

Do You Need to Take Any Medications?

If you do, pack them as early as you can. If you allocate doses to a weekly pot and take them one by one, buy a spare version and pack that in your suitcase. This way you can stock up for the holiday without needing to make taking your medication any more awkward. It’s also a good idea to get a doctor’s note to accompany you. You can never be sure what they’ll ask when you’re going through customs, so have documents available for anyone to look over. 

Double Check Your Travel Documents

Your hotel bookings, your plane tickets and boarding passes, the details of the holiday you’ve booked if you’re headed to a resort or it’s ‘all inclusive’ – and your passport. These are the documents you need to have safe at hand when you’re travelling; where are they right now? If they’re in your suitcase, they’re too far away. Either keep them in a pocket, a wallet attached to the back of your phone, or in an easy access pouch in your carry on. 

If you’re travelling this weekend, make sure you double check these things before you go any further. Whether you’re already in the airport or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

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