Belfast Author Launches Latest Book, As A Love Letter To Belfast

Belfast-based author Christopher Owens has launched his latest book, ‘dethrone god’, as a follow-up to his debut collection, A Vortex of Secutocrats.

Published by Brighton’s experimental company Sweat Drenched Press, is an amusing, poignant and thought provoking story that takes the reader along the struggles getting home from a night at a city centre pub.

Owens said it is as much a character study as a love letter to the modern Belfast.

“Along the way he annoys horny teenagers, gets a milkshake thrown at him and reminisces about his life,” he explained. “Crucially, he is also hiding a very dark secret.”

The surrealistic atmosphere that Owens debut promised is delivered in dethrone god with its gradual unveiling, humour, and intelligent storytelling.

“dethrone god” has already attracted critical acclaim. Tony Nesca, author of About A Girl, said: “An intellectual, street corner treatise on Belfast and surviving its mean streets. Beautifully written, intelligent without losing any of its grit. Highly recommended.”

Alexander Kattke (author of On the Compassion of Spiders said: “Trainspotting through the lens of Bukowski.”

Cover art is from Belfast artist Duncan Ross and internal design by Zak Feguson.

“dethrone god” is available from Sweat Drenched Press and Amazon.

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