NI Human Trafficking Charity Providing Training To Local Businesses

Flourish NI, a registered charity that provides support to individuals affected by human trafficking in Northern Ireland, is working with local businesses to provide training sessions on the Modern Slavery Act.

The training is designed to give attendees a better understanding of modern slavery and human trafficking, equipping organisations with the knowledge and guidance to know how to respond to and safeguard potential victims.

Whilst the obligation to publish a Statement on Modern Slavery applies to larger organisations, many businesses now require SME’s to include anti-slavery and human trafficking clauses in supply contracts and to have due diligence with their own suppliers.

The charity, which is marking its 10th anniversary this year, has helped over 500 people their families since its formation, including 75 individuals in the past year.

By providing support in the areas of education, wellbeing, employment, safe accommodation, social integration and much more, Flourish journeys with survivors towards independence and aims to equip survivors to build brighter futures for themselves.

Justice Minister Naomi Long, who is marking the anniversary of the charity, commented: “Human trafficking is happening around us. It often goes unnoticed, is ignored or is hidden in plain sight. This issue requires a societal wide effort if we are to successfully combat it. We owe it to the victims to put an end to this brutal exploitation and trade in human beings.

“The partnership and collaboration between The Department of Justice and Flourish NI plays an important role in helping victims overcome trauma and rebuild their lives. I am pleased to mark the ten-year anniversary and thank Flourish NI for the vital role they play in supporting victims and raising awareness of this heinous crime.”

Jill Robinson, co-founder of Flourish NI, said: “We are proud that Flourish has been providing tailored, long-term support for a decade to help ensure a brighter future for survivors of human trafficking. Rescue from trafficking is only the beginning of the journey for survivors. Recovery is a long and complex process and the need for long term support for survivors is vital for them to overcome their trauma and rebuild their lives.

“Empowerment is a core value of Flourish, and we want to work alongside organisations to raise awareness of human trafficking and to work with businesses of all sizes to help them introduce protective measures in the workplace.”

If your organisation is interested in Anti-Slavery training, please email [email protected] to find out more. 

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