Kind Asda Dundonald Colleague Comes To Assistance Of Elderly Customer

Henry Shannon, Security Section Leader at Asda Dundonald, helped an elderly lady finish her shopping and took her home after she took unwell in store.

Henry, who has just completed his first aid training, heard a call for a first aider over the tannoy while working his shift at the Dundonald store. He made his way to the entrance of the store and saw a lady struggling who he recognised as a regular customer.

Henry recalled: 

“When I heard the tannoy announcement for a first aider, I immediately made my way to the foyer, where I saw one of our regular customers who appeared to be struggling.

“The customer is such a lovely wee lady and I always see her in store with her rollator walker, she always says hello and smiles, and she was sitting in the foyer feeling a little dizzy. I went over to check how she was feeling, and she said she just wanted to sit for a short while, telling me she would be okay soon and would be able to finish her shopping.

“I wasn’t quite convinced and kept an eye out for her, then I came across her in the bread aisle looking not too well, so I got her a wheelchair and told her I would finish off her shopping for her.

“She said she had been knocked out of routine that day, because some workmen had been at her house early this morning and she was up earlier than usual.”

The customer had intended to walk home as normal after getting her shopping, as she only lived around the corner.

Henry added:

“I was worried about how the lady was getting home, she told me she lived close by but unfortunately didn’t have any change for a taxi.

“I asked one of my colleagues to come with me just to get her home, and we pushed her round to her house in the wheelchair. I put her shopping away for her and got her a glass of water and she said she would be fine as a family member would be calling to see her soon.”

“Some customers just make your day, and she is definitely one of them. She was telling me story after story before I left to go finish my shift. It’s been lovely getting to know her – she said thank you so many times, it was obvious how happy she was.”

Asda Dundonald General Store Manager, Simon Fisher said:

“We are so proud of Henry’s thoughtfulness in this situation, he’s a great guy and we’re very lucky to have him as part of our team.”

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