Translink And North Belfast Community Groups Pack A Punch At The New York Street Train Station

Following the official operational opening of the new Translink York Street Station earlier this week (29 April) it was the turn of local boxing clubs and charities to bring a touch of community spirit to North Belfast’s modern transport hub.

Themed ‘We’re in this together’ the evening event, held 1 May, played host to two Amateur Boxing Clubs; Midland Amateur Boxing Club based at Tiger’s Bay, and long-established Dockers Amateur Boxing Club based at Sailortown. PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland and Ashton Community Trust also attended to highlight the great work they do in the area. In North Belfast, the connection between Translink and the York Street Station project extends beyond transportation infrastructure to encompass broader community engagement initiatives.

Speaking at the event Mark Montgomery, Route Manager, Northern Area, Translink said: “We have been delighted to deliver the operational opening of York Street Train Station this week; this major capital investment represents Translink’s commitment to developing North Belfast and ensuring that the local community is better connected across the city and beyond.

‘‘We are grateful for community’s support for this project, and Translink in turn is delighted to be able to support the great work undertaken by the local boxing clubs and charities!  We are glad to have PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland and Ashton Community Trust join us at the station to help make the local community aware of the support available.”

Translink understands their role extends beyond providing transportation services and is deeply committed to creating positive impacts in the communities they serve. Working together with the Midland and Dockers boxing clubs, Ashton Community Trust and PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland contributes to the promotion of active lifestyles, community cohesion, and the overall well-being of the residents of North Belfast. This aligns with Translink’s broader efforts to promote mental well-being and suicide prevention within communities – which is an area of particular concern in the North Belfast area.

Access to reliable transportation options can enhance social connectedness, economic opportunities, and access to vital services, opening up opportunities and prospects with the revitalisation of the local area and links to all of Northern Ireland.  By improving connectivity through initiatives like the new train station at York Street, Translink is not only providing residents with easier access to essential resources but also fostering a sense of community cohesion and belonging.

Cooper McClure, Head Coach and Trustee Board Member at Midland Amateur Boxing Club (the former amateur club of Carl Frampton) welcomed the new development: “Midland is delighted to lend its support to Translink, and the new station is an ideal platform to showcase the talent and skills of our club members. Boxing clubs like ours are led by people in the heart of communities and it is all about connecting and generating pride among our members. The kids have loved showing off their sparring, skipping, and punching and hopefully they have inspired a few people to join their local boxing club.”

Mickey Kelly, Head Coach at Dockers Amateur Boxing Club said: “Engaging with the community is at the heart of what we do and celebrating successes together. It has been great to come together with Midland Boxing Club and celebrate the opening of the new transport hub. What a fantastic addition to North Belfast and I hope that it makes local people feel better connected.”

Designed to be fully inclusive for all, the York Street Station is a modern and welcoming passenger facility with fully accessible high-quality customer and staff facilities, new public facilities including Ground Coffee, toilets, waiting areas and a Changing Places facility and a new passenger ‘sky-bridge’. Enhancing transportation options and accessibility through projects like York Street Station, Translink facilitates active travel as a means of improving health and well-being, encouraging residents to walk or cycle for their daily commute or leisure activities.

The presence of Midland and Dockers boxing clubs in North Belfast reflects the area’s strong boxing heritage and community spirit. These clubs provide vital opportunities for young people to engage in structured physical activity, develop discipline and teamwork skills, and foster a sense of belonging. Translink’s support for these clubs, whether through sponsorship, transport provision, or community engagement activities, further strengthens the bonds between the transportation company and the local community.

Translink is set to deliver a range of community initiatives in partnership with local organisations, community groups and schools in the North Belfast area. Whether through sponsorship, transport provision, or community engagement activities, Translink is committed to further strengthening the bonds between themselves and the local community.

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