Linen Quarter Summer Walking Tour Launches At Health Week

Linen Quarter Business Improvement District (LQ BID) has introduced a summer walking tour to mark the return of its annual Health Week, now it its fifth year. Nearly 80 free events will take place across the district to inspire and support improved health and well-being. Developed in partnership with Creative Tours Belfast, Spinning Yarns Walking Tour will dive into the history of the Linen Quarter weaving together stories of its people and bringing to life a legacy spanning over 250 years. 

Kicking off June 10, new additions this year include sound healing, Bollyfit dancing, a group run, and new cycling exhibition Gears and Beers taking place at The Ewart which will highlight the transformation of the modern bicycle and showcase the latest in cycling technology. Health Week will also see employees across the Linen Quarter receive access to almost 50 classes at Pure Gym on Adelaide Street as well as the return of yoga classes, dog petting and personal health checks. All sessions are free to attend, but space is limited. To secure a spot at any of the events visit

In a move to enhance emergency preparedness within the district, the BID is also encouraging its members to invest in life-saving equipment, covering up to 50 per cent of costs for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). The devices can deliver crucial shocks to restore normal heart rhythms during sudden cardiac arrest significantly increasing the chances of survival.

Lawrence Geoffrey Tingson, Linen Quarter BID Healthy and Sustainable Manager said, “Health Week is a crucially important initiative for the BID. Not only does it serve as reminder for us to prioritise our health and wellbeing, but it highlights the role of employers in ensuring their employees are both happy and healthy – which should be a priority for all businesses as a happy workforce is a productive one.

“This year we’re delighted to partner with Creative Tours Belfast to launch our summer Walking Tour which will share the fascinating journey from the heart of the linen industry in the 1800s to the vibrant and distinct district it is today. Our aspiration is to make Spinning Yarns a permanent attraction to drive local tourism and increase footfall in the area. It aligns perfectly with our broader mission to make the Linen Quarter an exceptional place to live, work, visit and enjoy.”

The first Spinning Yarns Walking Tour will take place on June 13 and will run for ten-weeks on a trial basis.  A limited number of free tickets for each tour will be available to employees of Linen Quarter-based organisations.

Dolores Vischer, Founder of Creative Tours Belfast said, “We’ve designed the ‘Spinning Yarns’ Walking Tour in a way that helps people learn about the area’s rich heritage, including the importance of the linen industry and how it earned us the title of ‘Linenopolis’ – as well as seeing how vibrant it is today. Along the way people can expect many entertaining ‘yarns’. They will discover where the largest bell in the city rang out from and why it was silenced for a time, visit historic venues such as the Grand Opera House where Luciano Pavarotti made his UK debut in 1963, and the Ulster Hall were Led Zeppelin first played ‘Stairway to Heaven’ live in 1971. As well as taking in the area’s impressive architecture and historic bars, they will see super street art and fantastic eateries.”

LQ BID is dedicated to sustaining the Linen Quarter’s health and wellbeing with the installation of outdoor parklets and planting, advocacy for active and sustainable travel, and a pioneering new project to monitor and improve air quality throughout the district.

To celebrate Health Week the BID has also partnered with Belfast based clinic ACCA to offer advanced technology and wellness treatments such as Cryotherapy, Oxygen Therapy, and IV Nutrient shots with £25 vouchers available to its members. 

For more information on Linen Quarter Health Week, visit to reserve a ticket for the Spinning Yarns Walking Tour email [email protected] or visit

For non-members tickets are priced at £18 and can be booked directly via Visit Belfast.

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