Translink Launches Green Transport Week With Budding Floral Pledge Station

As part of this year’s Green Transport Week, Translink is promoting sustainable travel by rolling out a mini-tour of its new Floral Pledge Station. The initiative which is part of the annual Active Travel Challenge is inviting members of the public, as well as local organisations and workplaces to make a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

The eye-catching floral display will be in stations and public areas from June 3-7, Translink, with venues including Belfast, Bangor and Derry~Londonderry. It aims to offer a vibrant and engaging way for the public to contribute to a collective effort to combat climate change, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Gemma McMurray, Area Route Manager at Translink who helped launch the floral display at Lanyon Place Station with colleagues and passengers, explained:

“Climate change is the most pressing environmental challenge of our time, with overwhelming evidence indicating an urgent need for action. At Translink we’ve clearly stated our commitment to helping create a greener, cleaner environment with new zero emission buses, new walk-through trains and contactless ticketing, to make using public transport even easier.

“We can all play our part with simple changes and we would love the public to join us in making a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. There’s no better time than Green Transport Week to make this commitment and there are several ways you can make a more sustainable choice when it comes to transport. Whether it’s cycling or walking to work or school, taking public transport or using park and ride facilities as part of a multi-modal journey, it all adds up.”

To make the initiative even more engaging, Translink will be giving away wildflower seed packets at the Floral Pledge Stations to those who make a pledge. Planting these seeds not only enhances the local area but also supports biodiversity and helps the environment by providing habitats for pollinators.

The budding initiative is part of Translink’s role in promoting the Active Travel Challenge throughout June. This challenge motivates participants to incorporate more walking, cycling, and public transportation into their daily routines. By choosing active travel options, participants can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, improve their health, and support the transition to a greener environment.

Once registered on the Active Travel Challenge website (, participants simply log their ‘active travel’ journeys throughout June on the online platform for a chance to win a range of prizes, including Micro Scooters, vouchers, travel tickets, gym passes and rewards with national and regional retailers. You can compete as an individual, or take part with your colleagues and friends, set targets, and encourage each other.

To find out more and get involved in this year’s Active Travel Challenge visit: or email: [email protected] for further information.

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