5 Ways To Beat A Wedding Hangover

Brides and grooms-to-be have been told how spooning on the left side can help them dodge a wedding hangover.  Sleep experts at WinstonsBeds.com have shared five ways to ease a sore head after a night of heavy celebrations. 

Weddings are notorious for booze with 50% of people admitting they wouldn’t be happy to attend a wedding without alcohol. With an expectation for heavy drinking at most celebrations, lots of dancing and a late night, wedding guests often wake up feeling worse for wear.  Those suffering the morning after a wedding can ease the pain with simple hacks, including drinking a pint of water before bed and sleeping on their left side. Nausea, thirst and aches can also be alleviated by having a lie-in, which helps to limit fatigue and irritation the next day. 

Rebecca Swain, mattress expert at WinstonsBeds.com said: “No one wants their special day tainted by a nasty hangover the next day especially if you have a hotel full of guests to go down to. 

“It’s always best to try and drink in moderation, but sometimes people get carried away on the big day and end up feeling worse for wear the morning after.

“Luckily for those planning a boozy celebration, there are plenty of simple hacks which can help to combat a sore head. 

“The bride and groom will be pleased to know certain spooning positions can help stop hangover symptoms like nausea, headaches and acid reflux. 

“Other tricks include having a pint of water to rehydrate before going to sleep and not setting an early alarm for the next morning.”

Five ways to combat a wedding hangover:

1. Say yes to a lie-in:

 Drinking alcohol impairs sleep quality so those celebrating should allow themselves plenty of time to sleep in after the celebration. Sleep deprivation will also make the hangover more intense, worsening symptoms like irritation and tiredness, so avoid setting an early alarm if the party is on till late. 

2. Hydrate before bed: 

 Dehydration is one of the main causes of horrible hangover symptoms like headaches so try to drink a couple of glasses of water before bed. This can help to rehydrate the body for the morning and help flush out the toxins and curb the effects of alcohol in the morning.

3. Eat when you wake up: 

It’s important to replenish the body promptly after waking up from a heavy night of drinking, so head to the breakfast bar. Try to eat a balance of carbs, protein and fats because it will help regulate blood sugar spikes and restore lost nutrients and vitamins. Avoid eating greasy foods as they can cause fatigue.

 4. Get some fresh air

 Getting some fresh air is a great hangover cure and it can help ease some symptoms like headaches and sickness. Take a brisk walk outside to get your endorphins pumping and you’ll be feeling better in no time. 

5. Sleep positions

Certain sleeping positions can help alleviate hangover symptoms. Sleeping on the left side helps with acid reflux, which can be triggered by alcohol consumption, so the bride and groom can have a spoon if they still know their lefts and rights. Sleeping at an incline can also help reduce the chances of headaches and nausea.

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