JP Sears Knows The Secret To Ultra Spirituality…And So Can You

“His Enlightenedness” JP Sears has the secrets to being Ultra Spiritual – and he wants to share them with the world.

51XaoA9IT8L._SY463_BO1,204,203,200_The internet sensation first captured our attention in 2015 with his “Ultra Spiritual Life” YouTube video series which has earned him over 350,000 subscribers and more than 100 million views. He has also released a line of products including t-shirts, bags and even shower curtains!

Last year BAM Mag spoke to JP about his experience being an Ultra Spiritual icon and now he is set to release his first book, “How To Be Ultra Spiritual – 12 1/2 Steps To Spiritual Superiority”.

We caught up with JP again this week to get the low down on his book and find out what’s next for the spiritually superior guru. He also answered a few of our questions for BAM readers in an exclusive video…Check it out below!

Hi JP! First off, when will the book be released and where will it be available?

JP: The 7th of March. It’ll be available at all your favourite online book outlets!

JP Sears Namaste High ResolutionHow and when did you find the inspiration to write such an inevitably iconic spiritual masterpiece?

I was inspired watching how the Dalai Lama is inspired by the Buddha. So there’s a holy trinity layered inspiration that created this book.

Did plant spirit medicine tell you to write the book?

No. In fact my writing had to wait until all the plant spirits had left my body. Only then was I sober enough to have the dexterity skills necessary for writing. It’s also incredibly hard to write while in the middle of a hardcore Ayahuasca trip as the persistent vomiting and disaster pants aren’t very keyboard friendly.

What is the easiest way to deal with unconscious, non-spiritual people?

Being conscious enough to know that they’re unconscious helps protect you by keeping you separate from them. And this obviously reinforces the spiritual principles of connection and unconditional acceptance.

What is the main thing you want people to gain from reading “How To Be Ultra Spiritual”?

I want people to save themselves from the swamp of spirituality by way of me saving them as I lift them to the higher ground of Ultra Spirituality. Bliss, euphoria, ecstasy, universal consciousness, cosmic consciousness, and Christ consciousness are a few bonuses that the book delivers.

I do daily aggressive yoga, militant meditation and have converted to JP Headshot August 2016veganism, but still don’t feel I have reached my full Ultra Spiritual potential. Which of your YouTube videos would you recommend to remedy this?

It sounds like you have a severe case of gluten intolerance. Your prescription is to watch How To Become Gluten Intolerant. It’ll give you great results. In fact that video alone has helped me progress my gluten intolerance so much that now I’m intolerant to people who can tolerate gluten.

What does your intuition tell you about how successful your book will be?

My intuition is telling me that your intuition is telling you that this book will be the most important spiritual book to ever hit the shelves. And my intuition thinks that I think you’re right.

Have you got any plans for more books in the future?

I don’t believe in the future because I don’t believe in time. So I think writing a book on the non-existence of time is something I’d like to do sometime in the future.

Could you please send some white light to all of your adoring fans in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK?

I’ll not only send them white light, I’ll also send them blue light! Just don’t take in the blue light after dark as it’ll disturb your pineal gland.

JP Sears is an emotional healing coach, YouTuber, author, international teacher, speaker at events, world traveler, and curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. JP is the author of “How To Be Ultra Spiritual,” (Sounds True Publishing, release date of March 7th, 2017). He is very active with his online videos where he encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertainingly informative videos, including his hit Ultra Spiritual comedy series, which has accumulated over 100 million views. You can learn more about JP and his work at

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SnapChat: AwakenWithJP

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